Electric Travel: Unbiased Reviews & News on Personal Electric Vehicles (PEV's)

The rising need for cleaner, fuel efficient vehicles has led to a rapid adoption of personal electric vehicles (PEV’s) which is expected to grow significantly by 2030. This promising and innovative new era of transport brings with it a myriad of companies releasing e-vehicles of all shapes and sizes.  Electric Travel covers the news and disruptors in the industry, and release unbiased reviews and comparisons of the most popular e-vehicles as they are released.


Our team cover a number of interesting developments that unfold throughout the year. We started to update and inform our readers with the latest news and announcements. This section contains an array of articles spanning all fields of plug-in electric vehicles; from Cadillac’s first electric vehicle to the Mercedes Benz eScooter. Our news will continue to move with the times; detailing innovation, technological advances, potential drama & more. Learn the latest from our news section.

Electric Scooters

The poster child of personal electric transport; foldable electric scooters offer a convenient and compact choice for inner-city commuters. The best for commuting, to the thrill seeking off-roaders and fastest of 2020, we meticulously review the specification of a wide range of scooters, as well as cover price information on the best time to buy. View our full archive of electric scooter reviews here. 

Electric Bikes

Outside of automobiles, e-Bikes have fast taken over as some of the best performing PEV’s on the market. Typically, eBikes claim remarkable ranges & top speeds, often outperforming their counterparts. Many of these models further pack a host of features, ranging from cruise control, regenerative braking, locking/lighting & more. Our articles cover a variety of these models, from casual commuting eBikes to high-performance electric dirt bikes. Discover our range of electric bike reviews and comparisons here.


Of course, this wouldn’t be much of a PEV review website without an honourable mention of hoverboards. Although somewhat inspired by the Segway, and for the most part targeted towards children and teenagers, these were some of the first mainstream personal e-vehicles available. A variety of models feature lights, Bluetooth speakers, self-balancing technology and more. Typically, these models remain unsuitable for anything outside of casual use. However, we’ve still found a number of high-performance models; ranging from more off-road hoverboards to conventional Segways.

Electric Skateboards

Last but not least in our range of PEV reviews, electric skateboard. We’ve ridden a number of these brilliant boards, often striking a balance between great fun, whilst also a commuters choice. Like eScooters, these eSkateboards are highly agile, lightweight and convenient. Alongside this, they further claim great ranges of ~20 miles and rapid charge times. These boards generally modelled after longboards, however some quirky electric short boards are available too. View all the electric skateboards we’ve reviewed here.

Electric Travel
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