Halo Board Beast

Halo Board Beast Review (2021)

Halo Board Beast Review Introduction

Welcome to our Halo Board Beast review for 2021. This beautiful board comes extremely highly rated; with many favourable reviews and even ranked best electric skateboard 2020. Out of 50+ reviews, over 96% of them were overwhelmingly positive.

As such, we found it no surprise that the Halo Board Beast boasts a variety of fantastic features. For starters, the deck material is fashioned from an upgraded bamboo & fibreglass blend; retaining both lightweight functionality and some serious style.

The ultra-carve trucks offer riders an insane amount of control; easily skate around sharp turns with precision and control. Furthermore, riders can tackle all types of terrain, thanks to swappable all-terrain wheels. Skate through stone, sand, grass and more with no compromise on control.

Lastly, the upgraded torque management acceleration and braking algorithm helps ensure a smooth and stable ride at all times. All in all, we find it no surprise that the Halo Board Beast claims Best Electric Skateboard of 2020; continue reading our review and discover a number of other reasons why.

Halo Board Beast Specifications


Free shipping Yes
Mobile app
Return policy ,
Warranty 6 months


Make Halo Board
Model Beast
MSRP $1,797.00


Weight 23 lbs (10.43 kg)
Foldable N/A
Foldable Dimensions (LxWxH) N/A
Accessories Yes
Spare parts Yes

Speed and Performance

Can it be used offroad? Somewhat
Cruise control Yes
Max incline 25 degrees
Max weight 286 lbs (130 kg)
Motor size 3200W
Range 25 mile (40 km)
Top speed 26 mp/h (41.8 km/h)
Tyre Size 120mm
Tyre Type Solid rubber


Brakes Electric braking
Lights None
Regenerative braking Yes
Removable battery No
Seat No
Water resistance Undisclosed
Suspension Structural suspension

Battery and Charging

Battery size 10.4aH
Battery Type Lithium ion
Charging time 4-5 hours

Speed, Power & Distance

Halo Board Beast

Starting off our 2021 Halo Board Beast review with speed, power & distance; of which this beastly board offers potent performance for. For starters, this extremely lightweight electric skateboard draws its power from a massively powerful 3200W dual direct-drive motors; propelling riders to top speeds of up to 26 mp/h and capable of tackling inclines of up to 25%. We believe this extremely impressive, especially when you consider many high-end electric bikes fail to tackle 20+ degree inclines.

Typically, rides requiring such power offer reduced range/battery life, although Halo prove this certainly not the case. Sourcing energy from its 10.4Ah Firesafe lithium-ion battery, this lightweight electric skateboard offers a remarkable 25 miles per range.

However, the rapid charge time of 4-5 hours makes this ride even more impressive. The off-road functionality, coupled with great speed/range and fast charge time make the Halo Board Beast ideal for commuters and electric skateboard enthusiasts alike.

How fast does it go?

26 mp/h (41.84 km/h), powered by silent 3200W dual direct drive motors.

Do they have more than one speed setting?

Yes – using the LCD multi-mode remote, riders can easily switch between 3 speed modes; beginner, cruise and beast mode.

What age/weight is it suitable for?

Halo state that the Beast board suits ages 10+, whilst supporting weights of up to 286 lbs (129.7 kg). However, whilst we don’t doubt that some 10 year olds can ride this board, it seems a little powerful for your average kid. As such, we personally believe this board to best suit riders aged 14+.

What is the range/distance?

25 mile (40 km) off a single charge. However, variables such as rider weight, terrain, incline etc. will impact overall performance.

Can they be used off-road?

Yes – riders have the option to additionally source some All-terrain capable wheels from Halo. Seasoned skaters can easily swap out for these all-terrain wheels and tackle all types of tricky terrain. Furthermore, the powerful 3200W motor and high torque result in great hill climbing functionality too. Check out the Halo Board Beast all-terrain wheels here.

Halo Board Beast

Battery Life & Charging

Moving our 2021 Halo Board Beast review on to battery life and charging; of which this board does a brilliant job. For starters, the 10.4Ah Firesafe battery offers a remarkable range of 25 miles (40 km), whilst taking a mere 4-5 hours to charge.

Furthermore, the “Firesafe” battery offers safe and reliable riding; undergoing rigorous testing and control standards to ensure maximum safety and quality. The Halo Board Beast further includes a UL certified charger, alongside the remote and T-tool. The UL certification means that this charger is tried and tested, adhering to a number of fire & electrical safety standards.

What’s especially awesome about the Halo Board Beast are the regenerative brakes. This system converts kinetic braking energy into usable electricity to power the battery, helping you push out that extra mile. The engineering genius behind this board left us scratching our heads.

For starters, how did Halo manage to power a 3200W motor for 25 miles on such a fast charging battery? Whilst we don’t know their manufacturer secrets, we do have answers to a number of other questions below. Discover battery protection, design, ease of use and more in the rest of our Halo Board Beast review for 2021.

How long does it take to charge?

Fully charges in just 4-5 hours, UL certified charger included.

Battery protection & safety

The Halo Board Beast features an integrated battery within the carbon fibre blend case. This keeps the design sleek and stylish, whilst also offering an additional level of protection to the battery. The case protects the battery from both physical impacts and also the elements. As previously mentioned, the featured battery claims the title of “Firesafe”. This Firesafe battery has undergone a number of rigorous testing and safety standards, helping ensure rider safety. Whilst Halo reveal little about their Firesafe battery, we predict that it’s especially protected against… well, fires of course. Furthermore, the included charger also claims UL certification, passing a number of fire & electrical safety specifications. Lastly, riders can enjoy up to 6 months warranty with all official purchases, giving that extra peace of mind.

How long will the battery last for?

A typical lithium-ion battery has an average life span of approx. 500-1000 charge cycles. As a premium quality lithium-ion battery, riders should expect the approx. 700-1000 charges before any issues arise. For reference, even if you charged and used your Halo Board Beast daily, it would still take around 2-3+ years to reach this stage.

Halo Board Beast

Design & Ergonomics

Moving on to the design & ergonomics section of our 2021 Halo Board Beast review. For starters, the maple deck & carbon fiber blend result in one sensationally aesthetic electric skateboard. Maple makes a great choice for boards actually, offering increased durability and handles rough rides better than other woods. Alongside this, Halo have decided to that bigger is better, extending the Beast’s board to 37 inches; as opposed to the Halo 2’s measly 36 inches. Of course, seasoned skaters may already know that longer decks offer greater stability and a smoother ride. As previously mentioned, the battery is integrated within the case, helping maintain a sleek and smooth design throughout.

Alongside a bigger board, the Beast also features 97mm wheels, which are also bigger than the Halo Board 2. These bigger wheels help offer a smoother ride over tougher terrains. Halo have gone as low to the ground as possible, with the Beast still only 4.5 inches tall. Boards low to the ground often offer great handling and carving potential. In fact, Halo even incorporated “ultra-carve trucks” to further aid riders shred up the streets. Whilst not typically off-road, riders have the capacity to purchase additional all-terrain wheels, which offer remarkable performance on all manner of terrains. All of these fantastic features whilst still only weighing 23 lbs (10.43 kg) make this lightweight electric skateboard a breeze to transport. In our opinion, Halo Board Beast truly offers a versatile skating experience suitable for a variety of styles.

What material are they made from?

Bamboo/fibreglass deck, lithium-ion battery, aluminium double-kingpin trucks.

Do they connect to your smartphone via app or Bluetooth?

No – Whilst there is no mobile app support, the Beast does include an LCD multi-mode remote. This reliable remote features cruise control, whilst also allowing you to switch between 3 speed modes; alongside any other additional controls and diagnostics for your board.

Halo Board Beast Accessories

Whilst also offering brilliant boards to skaters everywhere, Halo offer a number of Halo Beast accessories to enhance your ride. Alongside this, Halo also offer accessories for the majority of their other models. Although, the range of accessories are relatively small; much to the disappointment of die-hard DIYers worldwide. However, this range still allows riders to easily source carry bags, chargers and spare remotes. Skaters can also find the renowned all-terrain wheels within the accessories range, should you wish to take it off-road. Browse the full range of Halo Beast accessories.

Halo Board Beast

Build quality and ease of use

As expected, the build quality of this board is extremely high. The previously mentioned maple & carbon fibre blend deck offers remarkable durability and results in a beautiful board. The Firesafe battery has undergone numerous quality tests and adheres to a number of fire & electrical safety standards. The noiseless 3200W dual direct-drive motors are insane and offer greater output than most electric bikes and eScooters. Due to this high-torque & watt motor, we found it no surprise that the aptly named Halo Beast tears through inclines of up to 25%. In terms of ease of use, the Beast is a beauty to ride. The ultra-carve trucks allow riders to make sharp, precise turns and carve up corners with ease; with the stylish and functional deck offering great grip and more than enough room to comfortably ride.

Riders can easily haul it up hills, thanks to the super high torque motor. The Halo Beast further features an upgraded torque management acceleration and braking algorithm; ensuring riders always maintain a smooth and stable ride. Furthermore, whilst weighing just 23 lbs (10.43 kg), the Beast supports weights of up to 286 lbs (130 kg); over 12 times its own weight! If that doesn’t attest to the unbeatable quality offered by the Halo Beast, we don’t know what will. Perhaps the fact that Halo also offer up to 6 months warranty on all official purchases; covering you should any faults arise and showcasing Halo’s confidence in quality. With all these sensational specs, its no wonder that this model claims the title of Best Electric Skateboard of 2020.

Halo Board Beast

Safety and usability on the road

Moving on to arguably the most important section of our 2021 Halo Beast review; safety & usability on the road. In terms of riding safety, its likely as safe as all other skateboards; with the skill of riders dictating their safety.

Of course, internal components within the board undergo rigorous quality control testing, alongside following fire and electrical safety regulations. Furthermore, the included charger claims UL certification, protecting against additional electrical issues. As such, it’s safe to say that your board won’t burst into flames.

In terms of roadside usability, the Halo Beast perfectly suits use on both the sidewalk and road. However, we don’t recommend skating on busy roads intended for cars only. We also recommend riders wear adequate safety gear, such as a helmet, gloves and knee-pads.

This electric skateboard also offers off-road functionality, thanks to the additional all-terrain wheels. Alongside this, insane incline rating of 25% means that otherwise humiliating hills are conquered with ease; whilst a 26 mp/h top speed means keeping up with the rest of urban traffic will pose no issue.

Here are some tips on how to not get thrown off the board:

  • Keep a wide stance on the board
  • Keep a low center of gravity
  • Move the throttle wheel in small increments
  • Lean forward when accelerating
  • Lean backward when braking

Halo Board Beast waterproof rating?

Whilst we were unable to find any official statement on waterproof rating, many similar competitors offer at least moderate water resistance. As such, we believe this likely the case for the Halo Beast; however we recommend contacting the supplier to ensure this is the case. Lastly, the integration of the battery into deck result in additional protection, with no exposed electricals. Learn more about IP ratings here.

Restrictions and availability

As far as we know, this board ships worldwide and to all major continents, with obvious exceptions for certain countries. However, we recommend double checking your local laws and regulations to ensure that your region allows for such electric transport or 3000W+ motors.

As always, thanks for reading our 2021 Halo Beast review; we hope we answered all your questions regarding this brilliant board. Please feel free to leave a comment should you have any questions.

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Halo Board Beast Review Summary
Welcome to our Halo Board Beast review for 2021. This exciting electric longboard is packed full of features, including regenerative braking, wireless controller, all-terrain wheels and much more. Before we begin the bulk of our review, here's a brief summary surrounding the specs and stats behind this model, alongside some of the pros & cons behind riding it. In comparison to other competitors, this board is fairly priced & offers decent performance. The range and top speed clearly rival even higher priced competitors, with regenerative braking being a great feature not often seen on electric longboards. Not to mention it's seriously strong, supporting weights of up to 286 lbs (130 kg), over 12 times its own weight! So without revealing too much, lets begin the rest of our Halo Board Beast review for 2021.
Speed, Power & Distance
Design & Build Quality
Customer Support
Reader Rating0 Votes
Decent 25 mile range
Great 26 mp/h top speed
Tackles inclines of up to 25 degrees
Ranked 2020 best electric skateboard
Powerful 3200W motors
Lightweight - weighs just 23 lbs
Supports up to 286 lbs (129.7 kg) total weight
Fast charging - charges from empty in just 4-5 hours
6 months warranty on all official purchases
Regenerative brakes
All-terrain capable
No mobile app
A little expensive for some
Mediocre off-road functionality without All-Terrain upgrade
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