Mantis Pro SE

Mantis Pro SE Review (2021)

Mantis Pro SE Review Introduction

Welcome to our Mantis Pro SE review for 2021. In our overview section, we expand on a few of these features seen above, before delving into the rest of the specs & stats. Brought to us by KAABO in the Philippines, the same team responsible for the rapid Wolf Warrior 11 eScooter. It seems this team surely loves speed & power, with both of their models offering terrifying top speeds & awesome acceleration. Much like the Wolf Warrior, the Mantis also tackles inclines of up to 30 degrees; making it one of the best electric scooters for climbing hills.

As you may have guessed, the Pro is an upgraded variant of the base Mantis model. Still retaining those magnificent dual 1000W motors, operating in near silence to propel riders to their destination. KABOO clearly spare no expense regarding quality, sourcing batteries from industry-leading LG. Its worth noting that such a premium performance comes with at a cost, approaching the upper-middle tier price range. With that out of the way, feel free to continue reading the rest of our 2021 Mantis Pro SE review; starting with speed, power & distance.

Mantis Pro SE Specifications


Free shipping No
Mobile app
Return policy ,
Warranty 12 months


Model Mantis Pro SE
MSRP $1,899.00


Weight 65 lbs (30 kg)
Foldable Yes
Foldable Dimensions (LxWxH) 48 x 24 x 19 “
Accessories Yes
Spare parts Yes

Speed and Performance

Can it be used offroad? Somewhat
Cruise control No
Max incline 30 degrees
Max weight 330 lbs (150 kg)
Motor size Dual 1000W
Range 40 miles (64 km)
Top speed 40 mp/h (64 km)
Tyre Size 10″
Tyre Type Pneumatic Rubber


Brakes Dual disc
Lights Front, side & rear
Regenerative braking No
Removable battery No
Seat No
Water resistance Undisclosed
Suspension Dual front & rear air shock

Battery and Charging

Battery size 60V 18.2aH
Battery Type LG Lithium-ion
Charging time 4-12 (fast charger)

Speed, Power & Distance

Mantis Pro SE

The Mantis Pro SE offers a potent amount of power; with dual 1000W brushless motors quietly propelling riders to speeds of up to 40 mp/h. Riders can further control motor modes, switching between single/dual motors; alongside also including an Eco & Turbo speed mode. To attest to its sheer power, the Mantis Pro is capable of reaching 0-15 mp/h in just 2 seconds… Perfect for any high speed getaways you may find yourself in. However, please note that variables such as rider weight, terrain, incline, etc. will affect overall performance.

Normally, such great speed & acceleration comes at the cost of range, however this model makes no such sacrifice; offering riders an average of up to 40 miles (64 km). This should prove more than enough for casual & commuter scooter fanatics alike. Please note, some may find the finger controlled throttle uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time; due to requiring you to stretch your finger. Whilst this has become a standard for many high-end scooter models, this still may result in issues for some. Whilst we personally had no issue with this, it’s worth mentioning.

How fast does it go?

Top speed of approx. 40 mp/h.

Recommended age/weight?

No recommended age, likely most suitable for those aged 16+. Supports weights of up to 330 lbs (149 kg).

What is the range/distance?

Range of approx. 40 miles (64 km)

Battery Life & Charging

Mantis Pro SE

Bringing our 2021 Mantis Pro SE review onto our battery life & charging section. Lithium-ion batteries have fast seen widespread use in recent years, offering much greater efficiency & battery life than their counterparts. KABOO have utilised premium quality Li-ion cells from industry-leading LG, one of the worlds best battery manufacturers; always a great sign to see  The 60V 18.2AH Li-ion battery used in this model is fully integrated within the deck, protecting against any harsh hits & bumps.

However, this does require riders to charge the eScooter in its entirety, instead of just the battery. Alongside this, one setback of this model is its long charge time, requiring between 9-12 hours to charge from empty. According to KABOO, they’re hoping to release an optional fast charger, reducing the time to just 4-5 hours. Lastly, this highly efficient LG battery utilises a smart Battery Management System (BMS); protecting against faults such as under/overvoltage, under/overcurrent, short circuits and more.

How long does it take to charge?

9-12 hours/4-5 hours with optional fast charger (releasing soon).

Battery protection & safety

The Mantis Pro SE utilises a smart Battery Management System, protecting against common faults such as short circuiting, overcharge, under/over voltage, currents, etc. KAABO also offer 1 year official warranty on all official purchases, covering you against any potential faults in future. Learn more about battery management systems here.

How long will the battery last for?

Li-ion cells typically withstand around 500-1000+ charge cycles before any issues arise. As a premium quality lithium-ion battery (sourced from leading suppliers), riders should expect the latter of this figure; especially for li-ion cells sourced from LG.  For reference, even charging daily it would still take an average of 2-3+ years to reach this stage.

Mantis Pro SE

Design and Ergonomics

Moving our 2021 Mantis Pro SE review onto design & ergonomics. This model utilises a variety of features that make riding this powerful eScooter a breeze. The silicone deck mat offers riders much greater grip, even with wet & muddy shoes. Not only does this give more control, it also improves rider safety & prevents slipping. An integrated kickstand makes resting or parking possible anywhere & in a matter of seconds.

The fully folding aluminium alloy frame is another fantastic feature, allowing for quick, easy & compact stowage and transportation. This, coupled with an ample 40 mile (64 km) range also makes this model a viable electric scooter for commuters. Alongside this, a 30 degree incline rating also makes it a great hill climbing eScooter

Whilst the Mantis Pro is a little heavy (30 kg) compared to other competing models; however this isn’t much of a problem for brief journeys. A reinforced stem results in a much more robust and durable ride, capable of withstanding a barrage of bumps & grazes.

We still don’t recommend pushing your ride to the edge, as the frame is still susceptible to denting. The hand grips were nothing special, a little cheap however they held their own without ripping. Lastly, the LCD display was conveniently situated by the hand grip; showcasing speed, battery life, riding mode, mileage & more.

Mantis Pro SE
KAABO Mantis Pro SE LCD display

What material is it made from?

Aluminium alloy frame, foam hand grips, Li-ion battery.

Suitable for use as a regular scooter?

Yes – once your battery runs out, prepare to go manual. Thanks to using hydraulic brake levers instead of electric, riders should have no problem braking without power either.

Does it connect to your smartphone via app or Bluetooth?

No – unfortunately, found no evidence of any Bluetooth or mobile app support for this model.

Build quality and ease of use

Bringing our 2021 Mantis Pro SE review onto build quality & ease of use. Starting off, this model supports weights of up to 140 kg (330 lbs), whilst weighing 30 kg (66.1 lbs); approx 4.9 times its own weight. This sacrifice likely comes at the inclusion of 2 powerful motors and a behemoth of a battery.

Whilst folding, the weight can make it slightly cumbersome to carry for prolonged periods. However, this should only affect commuters and even then, it heavily relies on your route. Dual front & rear hydraulic disc brakes offer some serious stopping power, which we discuss below in our safety & roadside usability section.

Front & rear air shock suspension result in a suitably smooth ride, soaking up most minor bumps in the road. 10″ pneumatic tires offer enhanced grip & control, alongside also offering some impact absorption. Whilst still susceptible to puncturing, these air-filled tires are a lot cheaper & easier to replace than solid rubber tires.

Single & dual motor mode is a great feature, with Eco/Turbo mode also allowing riders to conserve their battery or go wild. The previously mentioned silicone mat also results in greater grip & rider stability; with the deck itself wide enough to comfortably stand and manoeuvre.

Mantis Pro SE
Mantis Pro SE brakes

Safety and usability on the road

Switching our 2021 Mantis Pro SE review onto our most important section; safety & usability on the road. Rider safety remains of upmost importance at all times, as one mistake can cause life-changing results. Thankfully, this model features remarkably responsive dual front & rear hydraulic brakes; allowing riders to make sharp & sudden stops on demand with a breaking distance of 3.1 meters from 24 to 0 km/h.

Many eScooter manufacturers underestimate the importance of suspension; those constantly battling bumps will inevitably have less control & find themselves at greater risk.  Thankfully, the Mantis Pro further features front & rear air shock suspension, aiding in a smooth and relaxing ride on most roads. Additionally, 10″ air-filled pneumatic tires also offer extra shock absorption, grip & control.

Front, rear & side lighting aid riders in both seeing & staying seen at all hours. Whilst suitable for night riding, we still recommend wearing adequate safety gear, such as; high-visibility jacket, gloves, helmet, etc. Thanks to its terrific 40 mp/h (64 km) top speed, riders will have no trouble keeping up with any other traffic on the road.

Furthermore, rapid acceleration allows riders to move quickly at a moments notice, especially important for split-second decisions. Whilst its clear the Mantis Pro was intended for roadside use; it still remains suitable for moderate off-road use, thanks to superior suspension and the terrific tires. Feel free to continue reading for some of the best Mantis Pro SE coupons & discount promo codes for 2021.

Is the Mantis Pro SE waterproof?

Undisclosed – Learn more about IP ratings here.

Mantis Pro SE

Restrictions and availability

From what we’ve researched, Voro Motors ship worldwide and to all continents. Furthermore, riders can enjoy this ride wherever they are; thanks to Voro Motors offering worldwide shipping. However, please check your local laws & ensure your region legally allows eScooters with 1000W+ motors on the road.

As always, thanks for reading our Mantis Pro review for 2021, we hope we were able to answer all your questions. Please feel free to leave us a comment if you still have any questions, or think we’ve missed anything. Discover the rest of our reviews on electric scooters!

Mantis Pro SE coupons & discount promo codes 2021

Welcome to our Mantis Pro SE coupons & discount promo codes section for 2021. Like always, this section features a number of active and expired deals alike, alongside promos for this model and sitewide sales. Browse deals & discounts or find some of the biggest Mantis Pro SE Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals this 2021 below. See a deal we may have missed? Feel free to leave us a comment!

Mantis Pro SE Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals & discounts 2021

Moving our 2021 Mantis Pro review onto our Black Friday & Cyber Monday section. Cost-effective commuters everywhere will pray for some Mantis Pro SE Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals this 2021. Therefore, we’ve compiled this section containing any current Mantis Pro SE Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals this year. Alongside this, we typically analyse price history charts in order to identify any prior sales or any sudden sales throughout the year.

However, this information remains unavailable and as such, we’ve had to do some digging instead. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Voro Motors indulge in any Black Friday sales, stating that “quality doesn’t make discounts”. Personally, we understand that decision, especially when they offer high-spec models at such competitive prices year round. They also deem it unfair to existing owners that paid full price.

We stand by Voro Motors’ decision here, deeming it more than fair to forgo a Black Friday sale to favour competitive year-round pricing. Feel free to scroll up for any Mantis Pro SE coupons & promo codes for 2021, or check our our best electric scooter deals for Black Friday.

Mantis Pro SE Review Summary
Introducing our KAABO Mantis Pro SE review for 2021; a mid-spec high performance eScooter offering potent power and speed. The full hydraulic brakes result in sensationally sharp stopping power, with dual front & rear air shock suspension resulting in a smooth & relaxing ride. Not only this, but the design itself is remarkably durable, withstanding harsh hits and bumps without denting or warping. Whilst you definitely need a bit of a bigger budget when looking at these performance eScooters, however there's only approx. ~$500-600 difference between a low-spec budget eScooter & a high performance powerhouse. Read the rest of our 2021 KAABO Mantis Pro SE review and decide for yourself!
Speed, Power & Distance
Design & Build Quality
Customer Support
Reader Rating0 Votes
Dual motors
Fully folding
Eco/Turbo mode
Rear deck lighting
Silicone grip deck mat
Robust reinforced stem
Single/Dual motor mode
Front, rear & side lighting
Outstanding 2000W output
Decent off-road functionality
Front & rear hydrualic brakes
Great 40 mp/h top speed & range
Tackles inclines of up to 30 degrees
Dual front & rear air shock suspension
1 year warranty on all official purchases
Strong - supports up to 149 kg (330 lbs)
Awesome acceleration - 0-15 mp/h in 2 seconds
Big Li-ion battery sourced from leading suppliers
No brake lights
Long charge time of 9-12 hours
Finger throttle with no cruise control
Air-filled tires susceptible to punctures
A little heavy weighing in at 30 kg (65 lbs)
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