Swagtron Swagger 7T Review
Swagger 7 (7T Predecessor)

Swagtron Swagger 7T Review (2021)

Swagtron Swagger 7T Review Introduction

Starting off our 2021 Swagtron Swagger 7T review with a brief overview. For starters, this is an incredibly cost-effective eScooter for those on a budget; offering mid-spec performance at a fraction of the price. Due to the fast charge time & decent range offered, this model further lends itself as a good electric scooter for commuters. Swagtron offer support 5 days a week from Mon-Fri, which customers can contact for free. In all honestly, we’re most impressed with how Swagtron have managed to produce such a low-cost eScooter still packed full of features. So without further delay, lets begin our Swagtron Swagger 7T review for 2021; starting off with speed, power & distance.

Swagtron Swagger 7T Specifications


Free shipping Yes
Mobile app
Return policy
Warranty 1 year


Make Swagtron
Model Swagger 7T
MSRP $555.00


Weight 30.8 lbs (13.9 kg)
Foldable Yes
Foldable Dimensions (LxWxH) 42.9 x 16.14 x 17.9 “
Accessories Yes
Spare parts Yes

Speed and Performance

Can it be used offroad? Somewhat
Cruise control Yes
Max incline 10 degrees
Max weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Motor size 350W
Range 18.9 miles
Top speed 18 mp/h
Tyre Size 10″
Tyre Type Puncture resistant, Rubber


Brakes Dual hydraulic disc brakes
Lights Front and rear
Regenerative braking No
Removable battery Yes
Seat No
Water resistance IP54
Suspension None

Battery and Charging

Battery size 36V 6.4 Ah
Battery Type Lithium ion
Charging time 5-6 hours

Speed, Power & Distance

Swagtron Swagger 7T Review

How fast does it go?

This model offers a top speed of 18 mp/h (28 km/h), which should prove more than enough for most highstreets. However, please note that variables such as terrain, incline, weather, rider weight, etc. will impact overall performance.

What age/weight is it suitable for?

Whilst advertised and aimed towards adults, Swagtron officially state this model suitable for ages 12+. We believe this is likely due to the low power and light weight, allowing for smaller riders to have some fun. They also state that this scooter comfortably suits heights of up to 6″6′. In terms of weight, the 7T supports weights of up to 220 lbs (100 kg), whilst weighing just 30.8 lbs (13.9 kg) itself.

What is the range/distance?

Riders should expect a max. range of approx. 18.9 miles per charge. However, the removable battery means that riders can source and store fully charged spares to take with them. Theoretically, you can double, triple, quadruple, etc. your total ride time. Although, please note that much like speed, variables will affect overall performance.

Can it be used offroad?

Not really – whilst this model offers some degree of off-road functionality, it remains extremely limited and best suited to roadside use. Whilst you could briefly ride over grass/mud, expect a significant decrease in control, predominantly due to the road wheels. Alongside this, the only suspension comes in the form of pneumatic tires, which won’t do much against harsh hits and bumps.

Does it lose power uphill?

A little – Whilst we lost a little power when tackling 10 degree inclines, for the most part this scooter had no trouble tackling hills. However, we did notice a slight decrease in power, likely due to a lower torque & max. motor output.

Swagtron Swagger 7T Review

Battery Life & Charging

Bringing our Swagtron Swagger 7T review onto battery life & charging. This model utilises a 36V 6.4 Ah Li-ion battery, powering the 350W motor and propelling riders to their destination. Lithium-ion cells have fast become an industry leading choice when building batteries.

These Li-ion batteries offer longer life, greater efficiency, faster charge time and more. One of the most unique features about this commuting eScooter is the swappabel battery; allowing riders to easily swap out any faulty or dead batteries with a spare. Those carrying multiple spares can effectively multiply their ride time many times over.

These removable batteries also make charging much more convenient, allowing riders to charge just the battery instead of the entire scooter deck; further increasing portability. In terms of charge time, the Swagtron Swagger 7T offers a moderately speedy charge time of 5-6 hours. This should prove more than enough for commuters charging throughout their shift or students attending lectures.

How long does it take to charge?

4-5 hours

How long will the battery last for?

Li-ion batteries typically last somewhere between 500-1000 charge cycles before any faults arise. For some perspective, this figure still takes approx. 2-3 years of daily charging to reach. Furthermore, riders can quickly & easily source replacement batteries from Swagtron’s spares & accessories category, which we discuss more of below.

Swagtron Swagger 7T Review

Design and Ergonomics

The design of this eScooter seems fairly standard, with a spacious deck and comfortable hand grips. Aesthetically the 7T looks the part; offering riders a sleek & stylish way to get around town. The display is conveniently situated in the centre, allowing riders to quickly check their battery life, speed, mileage and more. From here, riders can also give their wrist a rest by turning on cruise control.

This feature is brilliant for longer journeys or areas where you must maintain the same speed. Not to mention, the frame of this fully folding eScooter is forged from aeronautical grade aluminium alloy; contributing to its superb strength and overall light weight. As a result, this beast supports weights of up to 100 kg, whilst weighing just 13.7 kg itself.

Alongside this, the frame comfortably accommodates riders of up to 6’6″, perfect for those of all shapes & sizes. Thanks to its folding mechanism, riders can easily transport and store their scooter, wherever they are. Ground clearance has increased to 5″, offering greater rider balance and an improved centre of balance when riding.

Puncture resistant tires are also another awesome feature, sparing riders from the pain of having to swap out tires or walk their ride home. Continue reading the rest of our 2021 Swagtron Swagger 7T review and learn more about build quality/ease of use.

Swagtron Swagger 7T Review

Swagtron Swagger 7T spare parts & accessories

Alongside a number of awesome models, Swagtron also offer a variety of spare parts for the Swagger 7T; as well as most of their other models. Riders can conveniently source authentic spares at fair prices. Source replacement batteries, tires, seating, chargers and more. View the full range of Swagger 7T spares & accessories here.

What brakes does the Swagtron Swagger 7T have?

This model utilises dual disc brakes with Swagtron’s patented “Autoguard” feature; which safely disengages motor power when braking, offering greater stopping power. Whilst regenerative braking is always a nice feature, we believe this more than enough for such a cost-effective commuters eScooter.

Is it foldable?

Yes, riders will have no problem quickly & easily folding their ride for storage/transport.

Is the handlebar comfortable?

The hand grips are moderately comfortable, however more importantly offer great grip. The handlebar contains everything you need, from ride mode & cruise control to the centrally situated display. Although still comfortable throughout long journeys, we still prefer to use cruise control.

Swagtron Swagger 7T Review

Does it connect to your smartphone?

No – Unfortunately, there is no Bluetooth/mobile app support for this model.

Does it have suspension?

Unspecified – Due to its nature as a roadside scooter, this model unfortunately slacks on suspension; instead relying on 10″ puncture-resistant, air filled tires to soak up any shocks.

Does it work as a regular scooter?

Yes – once you run out of battery or turn it off, feel free to start moving those legs!

Build quality and ease of use

Bringing our 2021 Swagtron Swagger 7T review to build quality & ease of use. For starters, this magnificent model is incredibly built, especially considering its cost-effective price. The materials used throughout further attest to its build quality, utilising aeronautical grade aluminium alloy for the frame; allowing this strong scooter to support ~8.6 times its own weight.

Alongside this, it also claims UL 2272 certification, passing strict fire & electrical safety regulations. The Swagger 7T further claims a waterproof rating of IP54, offering protection against dust ingress and moderate water pressure. As such, riders need not worry about riding through light showers and other elements.

Swagtron also offer a 90-day warranty on all official purchases, showcasing the confidence they place in their quality control. In terms of ease of use, this model is extremely easy to both learn & ride. The deck is spacious, allowing for comfortable standing and easy manoeuvring, with the central display easily visible from a brief glance.

Dual disc brakes allow for some superb stopping power, which we discuss more of below under our safety & usability section. All in all, with so many features combined with such a cost-effective price tag makes this one of the best electric scooters for commuters.

How easy is it to carry?

Riders will have no issue carrying & transporting their ride. With a fully folding frame and a light weight of just 30.8 lbs, you’re off in seconds.

How smooth is the ride?

When sticking to intended smooth roadside surfaces, riders will have no issues and enjoy a smooth ride. However, the 10″ tires don’t do too much in the way of shock absorption, only offering moderate relief. Whilst this isn’t an issue when sticking to intended surfaces, a particularly potent pothole could compromise rider control.

Safety and usability on the road

Switching to the most important section of our 2021 Swagtron Swagger 7T review; safety & usability on the road. To begin this section, this model claims UL 2272 certification, undergoing & passing a number of rigorous fire & electrical safety standards. As such, riders need not worry about any dangerous faults or fires when riding. The integrated horn allows for a quick & easily way to remind pedestrians and traffic that you still exist. Front & rear lighting is also another crucial feature, allowing riders to both see & stay seen when riding on darker days.

Honestly, we only recommend riding eScooters on roadside if they have lights. Furthermore, we recommend equipping adequate safety gear, such as a high-visibility jacket, gloves, helmet, etc. Dual disc brakes with patented “Autoguard” aids riders in the ability to make sharp & sudden stops on demand. This is especially important when riding on the road, as a lapse in concentration can be crucial.

In terms of suitability/usability on the road, we believe this model was clearly created with strictly roadside use intended; predominantly due to the overall lack of off-road functionality. Continue reading through our Swagtron Swagger 7T review for some of the hottest discount coupons & promo codes of 2021!

Is the Swagtron Swagger 7T waterproof?

Yes – The 7T claims an IP54 waterproof rating, protecting against moderate water pressure & dust ingress. Learn more about IP ratings here.

Does the Swagtron Swagger 7T have lights?

Yes – This model includes both rear brake lighting and a headlight. However, we still recommend riders wear high visibility clothing when riding at night.

Restrictions and availability

From what we’ve seen, this model ships worldwide and to all major continents. Customers can enjoy a free 90-day warranty on all official purchases, protecting them against any faults not their own. Swagtron further incorporate a fully staffed team in the US; offering support through phone, email, live chat etc. However, we insist riders check their local laws & regulations to ensure these transport methods remain legal in your area.

As always, thanks for reading our Swagtron Swagger 7T review for 2021. Please feel free to leave us a comment if you still have any questions, or think we’ve missed anything. Discover the rest of our reviews on folding eBikeselectric scootershoverboardsskateboards and more. Alternatively, check out our coupon sections for more superb savings.

Swagtron Swagger 7T discount, coupons & promo codes 2021

Moving on to the unofficial conclusion, our ever-so exciting Swagtron Swagger 7T discount, coupons & promo codes section for 2021. This section contains a selection of both expired & active deals for this model, including any sitewide promos. These deals change like the wind, so check back & stay up to date.

Scroll down & see these coupons for yourself, or continue scrolling for some of the biggest Swagger 7T Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals of 2021. Think you’ve found a great deal we may have missed? Leave a comment and get in contact with us, and we’ll either add the deal or verify it. Alternatively, those seeking coupons for more models, discover our in-depth Swagtron Coupons page for 2021.

Swagtron Swagger 7T Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals 2021

Bringing us to our most exciting section, Swagtron Swagger 7T Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021. Swagtron offered a massive number of discounts on a variety of products this Black Friday & Cyber Monday. As such, we believe it more than likely that we’ll see some more delightful deals next year.

Furthermore, at the time of writing they still offer discounts on a multitude of products,, probably part of their Thanksgiving & Christmas sales. Feel free to scroll back up for some of the hottest Swagtron coupons, discounts and promo codes for 2021. Please check back here closer to Black Friday 2021 for relevant deals & discounts.


Swagtron Swagger 7T Review Summary
Welcome to our Swagtron Swagger 7T review for 2021. This section contains a brief summary of this model, alongside a few of the pros & cons surrounding it. For starters, we were incredibly impressed with the amount of features packed into such a cost-effective eScooter. Things such as cruise control & removable batteries are design choices typically reserved for higher-end models, so to see this was refreshing. Swagtron have clearly spared no expense regarding overall build quality, utilising aircraft grade aluminium alloy for the frame. This results in a lightweight yet robust ride of just 30.8 lbs (13.9 kg), making for easy transportation and storage. We personally believe this electric scooter is best for commuters; as although the range is average, it should prove more than enough for the needs of many inner-city/urban workers. So without further delay, lets begin our 2021 Swagtron Swagger 7T review!
Speed, Power & Distance
Design & Build Quality
Customer Support
Reader Rating0 Votes
Cruise control
Full of features
UL2272 certified
Great build quality
Removable battery
IP54 waterproof rated
Puncture resistant 10" tires
Responsive dual disc brakes
Bright front & rear lighting
Great performance for the price
Aircraft grade aluminium frame
Fairly decent top speed & range
Support available from Monday-Friday
Supports weights of up to 220 lbs (100 kg)
90-day warranty with extension available
Minimal off-road functionality
Fairly weak at tackling inclines
A little slow to accelerate
No mobile app support
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