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10+ PEV Brands with the Best Warranties

Welcome to our list of 10+ PEV brands with the best warranty policies. Purchasing a PLEV is a big investment for many of us, often costing as much as a small car. As such, it’s only natural that we should seek adequate protection against any faults not our own.

Whilst the industry standard for PLEV appears to be between 1–2 years, this is still not enough quality assurance for some. So we scoured the websites and warranties of many PLEV brands, big and small, compiling this list of industry-leading companies with great warranty coverage.

The majority of the best warranty policies relate to eBike models, usually between 3–5 years. As it stands, most eScooter models were covered for 90–180 days, with 2 years proving to be an industry limit. Meanwhile, most hoverboards and eBoards claimed a warranty length of just 6–12 months, which really isn’t enough to compete.

eBike Brands with the Best Warranties

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Due to this uncompetitive coverage, the majority of brands you’ll see in our list are eBike manufacturers. Read on for our complete list of PEV brands with the best warranties, starting with Pedego:


As it stands, Pedego remains undisputed as one of the best warranties offered by a PLEV company. This consists of 5 years of coverage on components, batteries, and even anti-theft protection—all at no extra cost to the rider.

This is easily one of the longest, most extensive coverage policies on the PLEV market. Whilst most manufacturers offer just 1 year on little more than the battery or motor, Pedego takes the extra mile by covering almost all of the eBike; including a lifetime frame warranty.

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Lastly, customers will enjoy prorated credit applied after 3 years of service (if purchasing an additional battery). This essentially allows riders to source replacement batteries at a discount. For all these reasons and more, it’s no surprise that Pedego is covered in our “best backed eBike brands” article.

Please note that this warranty excludes the ‘Element’ model. We recommend reading through their complete warranty policy prior to purchasing.


Moving on to the next brand on our “best warranties” list; Evelo’s coverage policy is second only to Pedego. All eBike models come with a 4 year, 20,000 mile warranty against damage and component failure; this is double the industry standard of 2 years.

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This also covers any manufacturing defects (materials or workmanship) on the frame, battery, motor, controller, or display panel. Please note that riders must first register their eBike on the Evelo website to activate this warranty.

This coverage is non-transferable and only applies to the original owner/buyer of the eBike. Feel free to read through the full Evelo warranty policy to learn more.

Kalkhoff Bikes

Next up on our list is Kalkhoff Bikes, a German company with over 100 years in operation. They sell a wide range of eBikes, almost all of which possess extensive warranties with great coverage.

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This includes a 3 year warranty on all drive systems and all BMZ-branded batteries on 2017 models and onwards, further coupled with a 2 year warranty for other drive systems and batteries on Bosch/Shimano systems.

Finally, Kalkhoff tops this policy off with a 10-year warranty on all eBike/S-pedelec frames (2014 models and onwards). Like Evelo, riders must first register their new eBike directly from the Kalkhoff Bikes website. View their full warranty here.

BH Motion

A lesser-known brand with a lot to give, BH Motion produces a huge variety of eBike models—all of which feature 2 years of free warranty, with an optional 2 year extension. This makes for a total of 4 years of battery coverage, which tops just about every other warranty on the market.

This is further backed by a lifetime warranty covering any faults in the bike frame. However, despite this strong start, we were unable to find any mention of coverage for other components, such as the drive system or controller.

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However, batteries are usually the first to go, after around 3–4 years of operation, so the warranty seems focused on the right things. To help your eBike battery last longer, read through our eBike maintenance guide and learn how to keep things running smoothly.

Riders must register their eBike within 30 days of purchasing to qualify for a lifetime warranty on their eBike frame; alongside to activate their warranty coverage. We recommend reading through their full warranty policy for yourself if you’re thinking about buying one of these bikes.


As seen in our “15 best eBike brands” list, GoCycle possesses a fairly unique policy; remaining one of the only eBike brands to offer a transferable warranty (from an old to a new owner) and maintaining coverage in the event of a sale.

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Their warranty policy offers 2 years of coverage for the battery and other components, extended to 3 years for the frame. We feel that this is more than fair for such a high-spec folding eBike… Especially considering many competitors only offer 12 months of coverage!

Read through the full GoCycle warranty policy now, or continue reading and learn all about BatriBike below.


All of these eBike brands are a subsidiary of ‘Trek’ bicycles, one of the biggest manufacturers in the world. Thankfully (for consistency’s sake), all of these brands share the same warranty policy. This includes lifetime coverage for any framesets, including the rigid fork, suspension swing arms, and carbon-rimmed wheels.

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Trek further follows this up with 2 years of coverage on all parts & accessories, rear suspension components, any alloy-rimmed wheels, and any faults in the paintwork. Like GoCycle, Trek is one of the very few eBike brands to cover subsequent owners in the event of resale.

Whilst this excludes wheels, suspension forks, drive trains, and other components, second/third-hand owners are still covered for up to 3 years past the original purchase date. Read the full Trek warranty policy to learn more.

Rad Bikes

Rad Bikes offer some of the best electric cargo bike models on the market. However, their warranty is also quite competitive, covering maintenance and repair costs for up to 2 years, including any sourced components.

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Please note that this only applies to the original owner, with coverage ceasing immediately upon resale or transfer. Coverage includes free replacement of certain components, including the battery, frame, stem, throttle, display, reflector and much, much more.

A full list of these covered components is available on the warranty page on their website. Whilst we feel that their coverage could be a little better, we appreciate how they’ve doubled the industry standard of 1 year. Continue reading below for the best eScooter warranties available!

eScooter Brands with the Best Warranties

From what we’ve gathered, the vast majority of eScooter manufacturers and vendors offer between 90–180 days of coverage. 2 years is the maximum length of coverage we were able to find amongst eScooter brands.

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Discover the “best-backed eScooter brands” now, or take a look at these brands offering some of the best warranty coverage available:


Although a lesser-known brand, TAUR distinguishes itself in the PLEV industry by offering one of the longest eScooter warranty coverages—offering to replace or repair any defective model within 2 years of the delivery date.

This is a significant step up from the standard 180 days, often seen across many manufacturer policies. This 2 year period covers most integral components, such as the battery and the frame. Riders can claim a full refund within 30 days of purchase if unsatisfied.

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Please note that consumable components such as tires, grip tape, brake cables, etc. do not fall under this policy. This warranty is non-transferable, meaning that second-hand buyers will not receive any coverage. View their warranty terms in full detail, or read on for more brands!


Segway maintains a generous 2-years extended warranty, which either activates on the date of purchase or via the Ninebot app. We recommend double-checking this policy to ensure it is still relevant to your country and keeping your receipt as proof of purchase.

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This coverage may not extend to all resale vendors, so make sure before buying. Lastly, ensure you buy from within your home country for local repair coverage; the repair center for Segway is located in China! Check their warranty policy now, or continue reading to learn about Swagtron.


Despite offering a pretty poor 90 day warranty covering hardware components, Swagtron offers a number of additional protective services. For instance, the Swagtron protection plan costs $39.99–$44.99 and results in a year of coverage against accidents and damage, with any costs for repairs also covered.

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Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, riders can extend this service seemingly indefinitely. This is an interesting alternative to the traditional set-period coverage often seen in most warranty policies. Despite this, the Swagtron eScooter range is fairly limited.

View the full Swagtron warranty policy here, or continue reading for some honourable mentions.

Honourable Mentions

Merida Bikes

Merida Bikes is one of the largest brands in the business, recently releasing a range of eBikes covered by a reasonable warranty policy. This includes a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 year coverage on carbon/aluminium forks, and 2 years coverage on the rear suspension.

Merida race bike resting on kickstand in wooded forest
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All Merida components remain covered for up to 1 year from the date of purchase, including paintwork and finish. We recommend viewing their warranty page now to learn about their policy in greater detail.


Both Shimano and Bosch offer a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on their drive systems, with Shimano extending this to 3 years for Dura-Ace/XTR branded products. Both of these brands are leading suppliers of these cutting-edge motors.

Although only Shimano stocks PLEV models, these hub and mid-drive units still prove perfect for those who intend to build their own DIY model or carry out any maintenance. This is usually the reason why so many pre-built models offer a 2 year warranty on the motor/drive system.

Bosch mid-drive motor fitted onto white eBike frame
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We recommend checking out the Shimano warranty policy and the Bosch warranty policy separately before making any decisions.

Final Thoughts on PEV Warranties

So there you have it—our list of the top 10 PEV brands with the best warranty policies in the industry. It’s important to consider all of your options before buying a PLEV; a good warranty is an easy way to ensure that you’re happy with your purchase and get a good deal.

Occasionally vendors/redistributors will vary from the manufacturer’s standard; in some cases offering more or less time than the original brand. As such, we highly recommend double-checking both manufacturer and distributor listings to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal.

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Lastly, thanks for reading! We hope we helped. Got a question, comment or improvement? Let us know; we’d love to hear back from you. In the meantime, feel free to read through the rest of our PLEV news articles!