Elby S1 Review 2020

Elby S1 Review 2020
Elby S1 Review 2020

Check out prices & deals for this long-range eBike!

Key Features of the Elby S1

Welcome to our Elby S1 review for 2020. In this review, we cover a number of specs, stats and features included in this excellently performing electric bike. Find out about speed, power, battery, ergonomics, build quality and even Black Friday deals, all in our comprehensive Elby S1 review. So without delay, let’s get started with the key features of this epic eBike.

  • Powerful 500W motor
  • Charges in just 4 hours
  • Bright front & rear lights
  • Weighs just 54 lbs
  • Top speed of up to 28 mp/h with electric assist
  • Remarkable range of up to 80 miles per charge
  • Features Tektro hydraulic brakes for greater stopping power
  • Easy step-through aluminium frame
  • Bluetooth compatible and mobile app support
  • Large digital display showing battery level, regenerative mode, speed and more
  • Available in black, blue, orange, white and silver
  • Height adjustable seat from 34″ to 41″
  • Offers as max. capacity of 330 lbs (including the bike).

Elby S1 review 2020

DimensionsSpeedRangeCharging timeWeightFoldableSmartphone app?Cruise control?
Suspension Disc brakesWaterproof ratingLights?
73.8 " x 46 " x 14.7 "28 mp/h (45 km/h)80 miles (128 km)4 hours24.5 kg (54 lbs)NoYesNot specifiedNoneFront & rear dual disc brakesNot specifiedFront & rear LED lights

Elby S1 Review & Overview

Starting off our Elby S1 review with the obvious thing on everyone’s mind; that incredible range of 80 miles offered from a single charge! Now that really is incredible, making the Elby S1 one of the longest distance electric bikes available on the market. What’s even more impressive, is the insanely fast charge time from empty, delivering another 80 miles in just 4 hours charging. This is especially impressive when you consider other models that don’t even offer a third of that range, yet still taking 12+ hours to charge from empty battery; further making it one of the fastest charging electric bikes we’ve ever reviewed.

This eBike is certainly strong, forged with a lightweight yet highly durable aluminium molded frame, with this eBike weighing just 54 lbs (24 kg) in total. Another impressive feature of the Elby S1 is the massive max. weight capacity of 330 lbs/150 kg  (including bike weight). Whilst one of the more expensive e-bike’s on our list, the S1 certainly puts every dollar into features, quality & performance; offering an incredible ride and range second to none.

Elby S1 eBike
Check out prices & deals for this long-range eBike!

Speed, Power & Distance

As we’ve mentioned previously, the distance offered by the Elby S1 is what really sets it apart. The fact that riders can journey for up to 80 miles from a single charge, then be ready to go for another 80 miles in just 4 hours charging time is phenomenal. We don’t know how they’ve done it, but Elby have really revolutionised eBike range and charging, raising the bar even higher. In terms of speed, the S1 offers a moderate top speed of 28 mp/h with electric assist, nothing too special but still a pretty decent speed. However, we found this top speed relatively impressive, due to only a single 500 W motor powering the S1.

How fast does it go?

28 mp/h with electric assist, with riders likely able to go faster when pedalling.

What age/weight is it suitable for?

Whilst there is no official statement on recommended range, we believe this eBike to best suit adults and teenagers over the age of 15+. Offers a max. riding capacity of 330 lbs, including the bike (54 lbs), whilst supporting heights ranging from 5″ to 6’5″. Alongside this, the seat is fully height adjustable, helping find the perfect height you.

What is the range/distance?

As mentioned previously, the remarkable 80 mile range from a single 4 hour charge is what really sets this eBike apart; you’ll have a hard time finding a faster charging, long distance ebike.

long distance electric bike

Battery Life & Charging

The battery fitted on the Elby S1 is of very high quality. This premium 48v Lithium-ion battery pack is both easily removable and lockable, featuring a built in handle. Charger comes included and plugs into standard 110V outlets, with the battery fully integrated within the bike frame, placed at a low centre of gravity to provide additional stability. These beastly batteries help propel the Elby S1 to ranges of up to 80 miles per hour off a single charge, making the S1 and incredibly long range electric bike.

However, what we find most impressive is the ridiculously rapid 4 hour charge time from empty. Not only can riders now ride 80 miles, but now they can go another 80 within the same day! This is a huge step up from many conventional electric bike models (and even competitors) that take 12+ hours to charge, yet offer a range not even half of the Elby. This model certainly makes an ideal eBike for long range riding, perfect for commuters and eBike enthusiasts alike.

How long does it take to charge?

Charges in just four hours, making the Elby S1 one of the fastest charging electric bikes on the market.

Battery protection & safety

Although there is no official statement on battery protection measures (such as overvoltage/overheating protection, etc.), many similarly priced competitors feature these. Alongside this, the battery is tightly integrated within the bike frame, helping to protect it from moderate water pressure and dust ingress. However, we recommend contacting the supplier for any information on battery protection.

How long will the battery last for?

An average Lithium-ion battery has a lifespan of approx. 500-1000+ charge cycles before any faults arise. As a high quality Lithium-ion battery, riders should expect the latter half of 1000+ charges before expecting any issues to arise with their battery. Even if you were charging and using your eBike every day, it would still take over 2-3+ years to reach this point.

Elby S1 eBike
Check out prices & deals for this long-range eBike!

Design and Ergonomics

On to the design & ergonomics section of our Elby S1 review for 2020. As mentioned previously, Elby have adopted a low down, walk through frame that allows riders to easily mount the seat. This is especially good for elderly riders and those with reduced mobility, as they no longer have to hoist their leg over a waist-high frame. Alongside this, the frame and design is very sleek, with the battery pack integrated within, which Elby claim an award winning design. Safety has obviously been seriously considered, with bright LED head front and rear lights aiding riders in staying seen and safe, alongside the reflective side wall tires.

Furthermore, the Elby S1 also comes available in 5 different colours; take your pick from black, blue, silver, orange and white. All in all, this eBike is incredibly easy to use and suitable for a huge number of riders, new and experienced alike. Another fantastic feature of the Elby S1 is regenerative mode, which is great for recouping battery power when braking or going down hills. Riders can finally relax when riding down hills, as Regen mode will control the speed of your descent, whilst generating and feeding energy back into the battery… Genius!

Elby S1 commuting ebike

What material is it made from?

High quality, lightweight yet highly durable aluminium-molded frame. Rubber continental tires featuring reflective side walls for safety.

Can it be used as a regular bike?

Yes – Once you’re out of battery, expect to start moving those legs!

Does it connect to your smartphone via app or Bluetooth?

Yes – The Elby S1 offers both Bluetooth compatability and mobile app support, available on both iOS and Android. However, the Elby app is currently offline, with plans to republish soon. In the mean time, Strava offers a great alternative for mapping and ride tracking, check it out on iOS and Android

Elby S1 electric bike review 2020

Build quality and ease of use

As we expected, the build quality of the Elby S1 was extremely high. Forged from an aluminium-molded frame to offer both lightweight responsiveness and robust durability. The materials used are clearly of high quality and all in all, the Elby is extremely easy to use. With 4 levels of pedal assist, throttle and regeneration, riders should have no trouble picking an option to perfectly match their needs. Furthermore, riders have the option to choose from a 9-speed transmission system and gear up to their exact specification, great for handling all types of terrain!

Alongside this, the super responsive front & rear hydraulic disc brakes offer riders superior precision and control during sharp and sudden stops. These 180mm brake rotors even feature a power cut off switch for added safety. Lastly, Elby implementing automotive grade engineering by offering a low centre of gravity on both the frame and battery further offers riders much more control and comfort. Truly a remarkable engineering marvel!

Elby S1 eBike
Check out prices & deals for this long-range eBike!

Safety and usability on the road

Moving on to the safety & roadside use of our Elby S1 review for 2020 and arguably the most important section. As previously mentioned, the Elby S1 features both bright front & rear lights to aid riders in staying seen and safe, no matter the time of day. The S1 further features a handlebar bell/horn to help you alert pedestrians and other traffic of your presence. The brakes are extremely responsive and offer the rider considerable control and stopping power; further attesting to the safety of this eBike.

Alongside this, the top speed offered (approx. 28 mp/h) is around the average speed limit of many rural areas, towns and cities. As such, riders should have no problem keeping up with cars and other traffic; however we still recommend staying in the bike lane! As there is no front or rear suspension featured on this model, the Elby S1 really is best suited to roadside use and smooth terrain. Please note that we highly recommend wearing adequate safety gear when riding in the dark, such as high-visibility clothing and a helmet.

fastest charging electric bike

Is the Elby S1 waterproof?

Unspecified – Whilst many models offer water resistance, we cannot confirm that the Elby S1 offers the same and recommend contacting the supplier.

Elby S1 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Introducing our Elby S1 Black Friday section, where we analyse listings and discuss the probability of any future Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts. Many cost-effective commuters are likely hoping for some Elby S1 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals this 2020, so we’ve analysed the price charts to determine the likelihood of such deals. Unfortunately, the only listings we could find were added after Black Friday, so analysing between November-December of 2019 is not possible. Furthermore, we were unable to find any evidence of Elby participating in previous Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales. As such, we believe it fairly unlikely that we will see any Elby S1 Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals this 2020. However, ensure you keep checking back for updates closer to the date. Alternatively, check out our list of some of the biggest Black Friday electric bike deals of 2020.

Elby S1 electric bike black friday cyber monday 2020 deals

Restrictions and availability

As far as we’re aware, the Elby S1 ships worldwide and to all continents, with obvious exceptions for certain countries. However, we advise that you double check your local laws to ensure your region allows for such electric travel alternatives. As always, thanks for reading our Elby S1 2020 review and hope we were able to answer all your questions on your potential dream eBike. Discover more electric bike reviews, or check out the rest of our reviews on electric scootershoverboardsskateboards and more.

Elby S1 eBike
Check out prices & deals for this long-range eBike!
9 Total Score
Elby S1 Review 2020

Check out the pro's and cons for this incredibly long range electric bike. This really makes an ideal bike for long range commuters and electric bike enthusiasts alike. Discover more on this brilliant bike below!

  • Remarkable range of 80 miles
  • Good top speed of 28 mp/h
  • Regenerative braking
  • Multiple speed controls
  • 9-speed transmission
  • Super fast charging - Charges in just 4 hours
  • Super bright front & rear lights
  • Max. weight of up to 330 lbs
  • Height adjustable seat
  • Large, modern digital display
  • Pretty expensive
  • Can't adjust handlebars
  • Tires susceptible to puncturing
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