Electric Bikes Black Friday & Top Picks 2020

Electric Bikes Black Friday & Top Picks 2020

Top Picks & Electric Bike Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Electric bikes are fast an increasingly easy way to travel and commute. Riding is an essential skill that you never really forget, electric bikes will cut your commute/travel time significantly and also offer a number of benefits. It’s one of the cleanest ways to travel, gets you outside and further reduces congestion. Due to the growing demand and advances in the e-bike industry, we’ve compiled a number of sections, starting with some of the cheapest electric bikes out there. Crafty commuters will do well to snap up these deals!

Furthermore, with increased performance in engines and batteries over the years, a number of noteworthy e-bikes and brands have come about. As such, we’ve also added sections for the fastest electric bikes, best fat tire electric bikes (offroad) and more. We take a variety of aspects into account; from price, performance, range, battery life, design and more. We’ve also included a list of possible electric bike Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for this 2020, perfect for saving money. Read on and discover our list of some of the best electric bikes on the market.

Cheapest Electric Bikes

Every commuter and electric travel enthusiast will undoubtedly be looking for the best, cheapest electric bikes. These e-bikes save time on commutes, help keep you healthy and best of all, produce little to zero emission. We’ve taken a number of variables into account in our list for the cheapest electric bikes. This includes aspects like design, speed, range, power, performance, price, additional features and more. Rest assured, even though these are the cheapest electric bikes, they still offer ample performance and great value for money. Lastly, all comparisons, pro’s & cons and ratings are relative to value for money. So, without further delay, let’s begin.


With such a reasonable price, the Swagtron Swagcycle Envy is one of the cheapest electric bikes on the market. Swagtron are a reputable brand placing a high standard on product quality and customer care. Starting with performance, the Swagcycle reaches speeds of up to 10 mp/h (16 km/h), tackling inclines of up to 12 degrees. This cost-effective, 200W electric bike runs on rechargable 37V lithium-ion battery and take 3-5 hours to charge, also offering 9 miles range on a single charge.

Furthermore, this bike boasts a number of fun and useful features to make your commute a breeze. Track speed, battery life, distance travelled and more inside the helpful handlebar display. Easily switch speed measurements to suit your preference between miles and kilometers. The Swagcycle places emphasis on safety, incorporating rear wheel disc brakes to provide rapid deceleration, aiding riders to slow down and stop suddenly.

Swagtron 200W Swagcycle Cheapest Electric Bike

Cost-effective & still high quality

Ring the bells! Don’t damage your lovely new bike, alert pedestrians and other traffic with your new best handlebar friend. However, the undoubtedly best feature of this bike is it’s zero emission motor. Completely eco-friendly, ride around town forever, completely guilt free. Whilst smaller than most, this electric bike still supports up to 264 lbs (120 kg), not bad at all!

This is partly thanks to its robust steel frame, enhancing durability and also features pegs for resting your feet. Always stay visible, thanks to the Swagcycle’s automatic headlights. Great performance for the price, although not the most aesthetically awesome design, the mid section reminds us of half a trombone. However, you have the option to choose from 4 different colours.


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Decent engine
  • Zero emissions
  • Front/rear lights


  • Long charge time
  • Relatively low range
  • Relatively low speed

Swagtron 200W Swagcycle Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020

We feel that though not the highest performing, it’s certainly one of the cheapest electric bikes on the market. Due to this fact, we don’t believe it likely that any Swagtron 200W Swagcycle Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals will happen. However, that’s not to say that there definitely won’t be, as Swagtron are known to have offered a number of Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals over the years. Last Black Friday, a number of discount coupons of up to 25% off were distributed alongside articles showcasing a number of Swagtron Black Friday deals on their own website

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle E-Bike Scooter 350W

Next on our list of the cheapest electric bikes, the ANCHEER 350W. Also boasting a low price, this e-bike is the ideal solution for many a cost-effective commuter. What’s more, ANCHEER have spared no expense on quality. This e-bike boasts a substantial 350W capable of reaching speeds of up to 12 mp/h (20 km/h) with reports of even 15 mp/h speeds. Powered by an energy efficient 36V 6Ah to boost this bike’s performance and offers a range of 12 miles (20 km). All of this fully charged and ready to go in just 3 hours.

Further featuring a handy folding frame to aid in storage and saving space. Weighing just 26.5 lbs, this ANCHEER folding e-bike design results in one easy commute, simply fold it up and carry when you have to. Riders also have the choice between white and black colour variants. This cheap e-bike also adheres to strict fire and electrical safety specifications, claiming IPX5 rated waterproofing and providing decent protection against the elements.

Full of features at a great price

Not only this, but this cheap e-bike if also fully app supportive, via Bluetooth. Set passwords and lock your motors (original password 123456), record mileage, total usage, diagnostics and more. Kick back and relax with the cruise control setting and give that throttle a rest. ANCHEER claim that their design was inspired by the shape of dolphins and incorporates a “super cute and smart design” and to be honest, it’s a step up from the half trombone we saw before.

Furthermore, the folding frame is made from a lightweight aluminium alloy, helping retain strength at low weights. All of this for that price lands this design firmly as one of the best, cheapest electric bikes. Lastly, all ANCHEER e-bikes feature a one-year warranty covering electric motor, battery and charger. To qualify, ensure you purchase from ANCHEER or official, licensed vendors. Again, due to such an already low price, we believe any ANCHEER E-bike Cyber Monday or Black Friday deals rather 50/50 this 2020.

ANCHEER Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019


  • Lightweight
  • Good engine
  • App enabled
  • Decent speed
  • Decent charge time


  • Relatively low range
  • A little pricey, but still one of the cheapest

Goplus Folding Electric Bicycle

Another competitively priced ebike, the Goplus is a firm contender as one of the cheapest electric bikes on the market and best suited on roads. Take your pick between two 160-180W models, although we would recommend 180W. This is mainly due to the Goplus’ already relatively low power and speed, this is certainly not a performance bike. Moreover, this is a simple yet effective, cheap e-bike that will get the job done; provided there isn’t too much work to be done.

Offering a range of 19 miles with pedal assist from a full charge, not too bad. However, the Goplus requires 4 hours to reach full charge from low battery, which is relatively slow compared to the rest. We’ve seen one claim that it supports up to 165 lbs at speeds of 16 mph, however this is unconfirmed. The design is fairly nice, including easy saddle height adjustment to help suit each rider and also a quick release clamp to aid in folding the bike quickly. It’s made from lightweight, durable aluminium alloy, includes a bell and is easy to carry and store.

Cheap & Convenient

Although, it’s still not the cheapest electric bike, not the best and unfortunately, Goplus hasn’t stated any UL or waterproof rating. However, their charger holds a UL approval rating so that being said, there surely must be some standards and regulations in place here. Whilst it’s safe to assume this e-bike won’t blow up, we wouldn’t recommend pushing it too far. One thing worth noting, the Goplus recently dropped in price in December, then again in August. It’s worth keeping an eye on for any further price drops, especially around Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

GoPlus Folding E-Bike


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Decent range


  • Relatively slow
  • Long charge time
  • Struggles with steep hills
  • Unspecified waterproof rating

Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle 

Lastly, one of the strongest contenders on our list of cheapest electric bikes. Whilst still fairly priced, it’s not as cheap as the Swagcycle, however it boasts a number of vital features to put it above the rest. Sporting a fairly powerful 350W motor to propel the Shaofu to a max. speed of 15.5 mp/h (25 km/h), officially the fastest for this section. The Shafou further offers a max. range of 12.4 miles (20 km) off a single charge. Its 36V lithium battery charges fully in just 3 hours, on par with the ANCHEER. Riders should note that max. speed and range varies on weight, terrain and more. For the Shaofu, riders weighing 60kg (132 lbs) should expect an average range of around 12.4 miles (20 km). Those weighing around 75 kg (165 lbs) will receive an average range of around 10.6 miles (17 km).

In terms of strength and durability, the Shafou ticks all the boxes, offering a max. payload of 120 kg (265 lbs). It’s aluminium frame & double aluminium alloy wheel ensure it’s both strong and lightweight. Much like the ANCHEER, the shape of this e-bike was inspired by dolphins; although we don’t think you should take it swimming! It’s designed to weigh just 12 kg (26.5 lbs), folding up nicely for easy storage and transport. Furthermore, riders will cheer at the fact that this cheap e-bike is 100% electric, giving off absolute zero emissions.

Help the environment, alongside getting fit, cutting costs and commute time in one solution. Shafou have spared no expense in the design, incorporating a handlebar display allowing riders to check speed, distance traveled, set cruise control and more. Safety is also a key aspect of this e-bike, featuring front headlights, rear braking tail light, a horn and sharp, responsive rear disk brakes.

Shaofu 350W Cheapest Electric Bike

A huge variety of features at a low price

Further protect and customise your bike, thanks to motor locking (original password 123456) and mobile app support. Set your max speed, check mileage, diagnose potential issues and more, all from within the mobile app. The Shafou folding e-bike claims IPX5 waterproofing, protecting from rainy days and other elements. However, we don’t recommend heavy water and submerging it.

Lastly, this e-bike features a one-year warranty covering electric motor, battery and charger. To qualify, ensure you purchase from Shaofu or other official, licensed vendors. Whilst not necessarily the cheapest electric bike on our list, after weighing in all the pro’s and cons, we believe the Shaofu to be the best value for money, closely followed by the Swagcycle. Ensure that you keep a close eye on all of these bikes, as they are likely to offer a variety of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this 2020!


  • Lightweight
  • App enabled
  • Decent range
  • Decent speed
  • Cruise control
  • Zero emissions
  • Powerful brakes
  • Front/rear lights
  • Adjustable max speed
  • Coasts a long way without power


  • Relatively expensive
  • Relatively small design
  • Not much shock absorption
  • Unsuitable for slopes greater than 10 degrees for 50m in length if over 160 lbs (72 kg)

Fastest Electric Bikes

Moving on to our next section, containing some of the best fastest electric bikes around. We’ve taken a few things into consideration when compiling this list, predominantly value for money and performance. There are a number of super fast electric bikes on the market that cost well over $30,000, enough to put most casual commuters off. However, we decided to skip over most of these in favour of the realistic commuter. We all wish we had the money to drop on the world’s fastest electric bike, but it’s just not practical.

However, that’s not to say these e-bikes come cheap, with such great power and performance comes a great price tag. Rest assured, all of the bikes listed perform to the highest standard. For those wishing for a more cost-effective solution, we’ve also included a few conversion kits to boost your bike. That aside, let’s begin with our list of the best, fastest electric bikes; starting with the Stealth B-52.

Stealth B-52

First for this section, the Stealth B-52 is certainly one of the fastest electric bikes available on the market and carries high praise. Such an illustrious title carries quite a hefty price tag, with prices ranging from over 10 grand. Everyone likely now wonders what kind of performance this much money buys… turns out to be a whole lot. Fitted with a zero emissions 2000Wh engine with a maximum output of 6200W to propel the Stealth B-52 to a top speed of 50 mp/h (80 km/h). Now that’s some serious speed. Further offering a remarkable range of 60 miles (100 km) per charge, which takes only 3 hours to fully charge.

What’s more, the B-52 only emits 65dB of noise (at 50 km/h) – for reference, a normal conversation averages 60dB. Crafted from aviation grade alloy, the frame is extremely durable whilst also lightweight and includes a number of convenient features. The B-52’s battery fastening system aids in easy battery switching for those longer journeys. What’s really cool about this e-bike is it’s regenerative braking system, which converts braking energy into electrical energy. This energy feeds the battery, saving power and also extending your range. As is expected, the brakes on the B-52 are extremely responsive and even incorporates engine braking.

Stealth Bomber B-52 Fastest Electric Bike


Prolific Performance at a Price

Alongside this, the B-52 further features powerful MT2 hydraulic brakes, offering feedback with only a couple of finger on the levers. The 9 speed sequential gear box transmits pedal power and provides enough gears for the majority of terrains, with the 7″ dual crown fork suspension handling otherwise horrible hits with ease. As we expected, the Stealth B-52 is clearly one of the fastest electric bikes around; for that price tag we would expect as much. Moving on down our list, we’ve decided to lean more towards fast e-bikes that are still (just about) affordable for some. With the performance and prestige that the B-52 and Stealth brand carries, the chances for any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals this 2020 looks extremely unlikely.

Stealth Bomber B-52 Fastest Electric Bike


  • Very quiet
  • Good range
  • Lightweight
  • High quality
  • Extremely fast
  • Zero emissions
  • Powerful brakes
  • Fast charge time
  • Powerful engine


  • Extremely expensive
  • Very limited stock available

Stromer ST1 Platinum Comfort 20″ (Black) 218930

Next on our list, whilst not the fastest electric bike, it still offers great speed, power and performance for at a relatively decent price. It’s 36 V battery aids in powering its incredible 48500 Watt motor, helping propel it to speeds of 28 mph. However, we’ve also seen claims of a gearless, 500W motor to deliver efficient, quiet riding… Whether or not this there are 2 engines or just one is currently a mystery.

Further offering a max range of 20-55 miles (32-90 km) and 25-72 miles (40-115 km) depending on battery power. All of this fully charged and ready to go in a 3-5 hour charge time. The Stomer ST1 Platinum features everything you would expect from a performance e-bike of this calibre. Weighing just 56 lbs (25 kg), the ST1 is extremely lightweight yet durable; being crafted from high-grade aluminium.

Boasting a variety of additional features, including: handlebar display to alter and check backlight, speed, distance, riding mode and battery charge. Whilst not a whole lot to say about the Stromer ST1 Platinum, it’s still a fast e-bike with a number of useful features. Everything constructed from high grade materials for a relatively low priced, compared to other bikes like this on the market. The ST1 price has dropped significantly since release, dropping significantly in August by over 20%. Truly a big step down from the B-52’s phenomenal price tag. Whether or not we should expect any Stromer ST1 e-bike Black Friday deals is another matter entirely, and open to interpretation.

Stromer ST1 Platinum Fastest E-bike


  • Quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Zero emission
  • Decent range
  • Powerful motor/engine
  • Comparatively cheap for this tier


  • Not the fastest on the market
  • Relatively low top speed

Stromer ST1 Platinum Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals 2020

After analysing the price charts for this bike, we’ve decided to add a small Black Friday & Cyber Monday section. Whilst the chances for any Stromer ST1 Platinum Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are low, we noticed a significant drop in price recently, which indicates a likelihood for two things. Either the price will continue to fall, or Stromer will increase the price again, before offering a “discounted” version at the old price.

Alternatively, neither will happen and the price will stay the same. Either way, whilst Black Friday deals this 2020 aren’t guaranteed, it’s worth paying attention. A good deal on a bike like this goes a long way, especially at these prices; take a look at the price chart and see what you think.

Stromer ST Platinum Cyber Monday Black Friday deals 2019

Rambo R1000XPS Xtreme Performance Electric Bike (Carbon)

Coming up next, the Rambo R1000XPS performance e-bike, supposedly tailored to suit the needs of hunters and placing emphasis on fields and woodland. The R1000XPS handles all manner of road and terrain, with praise to it’s fat 4.8 Maxxis tires and powerful Panasonic battery. One seriously strong bike, capable of carrying up to 136 kg (300 lbs) at 20+ mp/h (32 km/h) and an average speed of 28 miles, all without pedalling.

With a maximum range of 20+ miles, the range of the XPS is nothing too impressie, with the XP lasts 20 miles on a 750W motor. However, the XPS features a bigger, 1000W high torque motor, further encased for added protection. It’s unknown whether the XPS lasts longer than the XP in terms of range. It would put the XPS at a disadvantage if they both offer the same; due to the XP’s already weak range performance.

Take it off-grid with the Rambo

This hardy fat tire electric bike offers a smooth yet sturdy ride, thanks to its RST Renegade suspension, designed to soak up big bumps. Whilst not the fastest electric bike on the market, the R1000XPS demonstrates all the performance and power for this category, alongside offering greater speeds than your average e-bike. Specs aside, the Rambo R1000XPS still carries a heavy price tag. However, this does include a bundle featuring the bike, portable tool kit, luggage rack and fender kit. Furthermore, the design of this e-bike is a seriously sleek carbon design sure to turn some heads. All this for a little less speed and the price of a car, instead of more speed and the price of a house. Whether or not there will be any XPS electric bike Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for this 2020 still remains a mystery, so keep an eye out!

Rambo R1000XPS Fastest Fat Tire Electric Bike


  • Powerful engine
  • Great for all terrains
  • Sleek carbon design
  • Extras included in bundle
  • Extremely strong – 136 kg weight limit


  • Still expensive
  • Not the fastest available
  • A little heavier than most
  • Comparatively low range

QuietKat 2020 Apex 1000W Electric Bike for Backcountry

Another fat tire off-roader, the QuietKat 2020 Apex is also a fair contender in our fastest electric bike section. Offering both on and off road functionality, the Apex handles all kinds of tricky terrain. Featuring a digital display to help you monitor your speed, distance and more. Whilst definitely not the fastest electric bike available, the Apex’s awesome 1000W engine runs off a powerful 48v Panasonic battery to assist in reaching top speeds of up to 25 mp/h (40 km/h) without pedalling! Taking price into account, this performance offered is more than ample. Furthermore, the Apex offers a maximum load of up to 136 kg (300 lbs), much like the R1000XPS – some serious performance.

QuietKat Fastest Fat Tire Electric Bike Charcoal

Weighing 75 lbs (31 kg), a little heavier than most on the market, however still impressive that it supports 4 times its own weight. Also much like the XPS, the QuietKat Apex’s fat tires perfectly suit it to the outdoors, great for stealthy hunters and off-road enthusiasts. Soak up otherwise unforgiving hits, thanks to its GT air-spring suspension and easily deal with the elements with a wide-range 9 speed gearing system. All things considered, this fat tire electric bike offers an above average speed, exceptional off-road performance and won’t require a new mortgage to buy. Also available in 2 distinct designs, charcoal and camo.

The fat tire Apex concludes our fastest electric bikes section, however we have included an additional section for electric bike conversion kits. E-bike conversion kits make for a perfect, cost-effective solution for increasing the performance of your bike. Take a read below and discover your bikes true potential!

QuietKat Fastest Electric Bikes Camo


  • Great for all terrains
  • Cool charcoal design
  • Powerful 1000W engine
  • Decent unassisted top speed
  • Extremely strong – 136 kg weight limit


  • Still expensive
  • Heavier than average
  • Comparatively low range

Electric Bike Conversion Kits

DIY electric bikes are fast becoming the way to go and we see why! Boost the power of your e-bike with a cost-effective electric bike conversion kit. These conversion kits make reaching your bikes maximum potential cost effective and easy. Quite a lot of some of the fastest electric bikes around are custom conversion jobs and cost a whole lot less than big brands like Stealth. There are a number of electric bike conversion kits designed to boost certain sections and aspects of your bike. One such example; the front hub motor, the easiest way to convert normal bikes into electric. Simply replace the front wheel with the motorized one and you’re ready to go.

These come in a variety of brands and power outputs, with some capable of over 2000W outputs, enough to multiply performance many times over. Tired of tackling that stubborn hill on your way home from work? These kits also aid in climbing hills and steep inclines that your old motor couldn’t handle. Front wheel e-bike conversion kits often feature the motorized front wheel, a battery, speed controller, electric brake handles, display panel and throttle. There are a huge variety of electric bike conversion kits to choose from, so here’s just an example.

3000W Rear Hub Conversion Kit

This rear hub conversion kit offers some serious power for a fraction of the price. Priced lower than many high end bikes, this makes a great alternative to those seeking a performance bike without spending $10,000+. If the specs are anything to go off, this 3000W conversion will help you outperform the vast majority of e-bikes on the market. Offering to boost top speeds up to 50 mp/h (80 km/h) and reportedly even 65 mp/h (100 km/h) in some cases. In terms of range, expect between 50-125 miles (at 25 mp/h), also depending on weather, inclines, weight, etc.

This conversion kit includes motorised wheel, motor controller, brake level, LCD display and throttle and easy to set up. The display shows battery level, speed, gear, mileage and time, the kit further includes a high power 72V battery. This rear hub conversion also offers increased ability to climb hills and tackle inclines, perfect for giving you that little bit extra.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit


  • Decent range
  • An insane power boost
  • Great performance for low price


  • Still a bit pricey for some

Electric Bike Black Friday Deals 2020

After our fastest electric bikes section, many readers will eagerly hope for some deals and discounts. That being said, we’ve compiled a list of likely electric bike Black Friday deals this 2020. In this section, we consult prior deals and analyse price charts to determine the likelihood of a possible Black Friday & Cyber Monday discount. We’ve taken the time to gather data, check the charts and scour the web to aid in the compilation of our Black Friday & Cyber Monday list. Any previous e-bikes that we’ve covered will not be mentioned, instead staying in their respective categories.

We advise you keep referring back to this page for likely deals and any new, as we will continue to update this page to reflect the e-bikes and Black Friday changes on our list. Our e-bike Black Friday & Cyber Monday section also helps in determining which sellers increase their prices to give the illusion of great deals. It’s all too common to see a deal too good to be true and in many circumstances, it is. Unsure about a possible deal or know any possible Black Friday electric bike deals we’ve missed? Make sure to send us a message or leave a comment and let us know!

Swagtron EB-6 Bandit Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals 2020

The Swagtron EB-6 Bandit is a likely candidate to offer some juicy Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals this 2020. Boasting a 350W motor with power assist, charged by a removable 36V lithium ion battery. The EB-6 Bandit is a fat tire electric bike offering outstanding off-road functionality, capable of tackling a number of terrains. With a charge time of 4-5 hours, riders should expect a ride range of around 20 miles (32 km), varying on terrain, rider weight, incline and more. The EB-6 offers a fairly average max. speed of 18.6 mp/h (30 km/h) without pedal assistance.

The EB-6 Bandit is also strong, capable of carrying a max. payload of 120 kg (264 lbs), thanks to it’s light yet sturdy aluminium alloy frame. As is the case with many e-bikes, the Bandit gives off zero emissions and is a great, clean way to stay fit and get around. Further offering an impressive climbing capacity of 25 degrees (throttle only) and versatile 7-Speed indexed gear shifting for all situations. Swagtron also offer extensive customer support, stating that their team “prioritizes customer satisfaction” and offer 1 year support for official purchases. The reason the Bandit caught our eye is due to a number of things, from price charts to prior Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales.

Swagtron EB-6 Bandit Fat Tire Electric Bike


  • Fat tires – good for off-road
  • Tackles 25 degree inclines


  • Average speed
  • Fairly weak motor
  • Fairly long charge time

A Brief History of Swagtron Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Last year, a number of Swagtron Black Friday 2018 deals were circulating, with most being offered from Swagtron’s own website. Swagtron also distributed a number of coupons last year, with some including discounts of up to 25% off. Combine this with these price fluctuation gives us an indicator of some possible Swagtron EB-6 Bandit Black Friday deals this 2020. If not, we should seriously expect some Cyber Monday deals, at the very least. However, it is worth noting that prices might raise during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, with these “discounted” items selling for the same price. Keep an eye out and stay updated!  

Swagtron EB-6 Bandit Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2019 Price Charts

NAKTO 26″ Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals 2020

The NAKTO 26″ is a relatively cheap electric bike still maintaining a high quality finish. This e-bike adopts a high-strength carbon steel frame with ample suspension to soak up hits. Boasting a rear expansion brake to aid stopping safely and suddenly, alongside a 6-Speed transmission system for tackling all situations. The NAKTO 26″ is quiet, yet you will still be seen and heard, thanks to the included horn and bright LED headlamp. Also includes a fully removable 36V lithium battery, which reportedly has a charge time of around 6-8 hours.

Whilst charge times are quite long, riders should expect an average range of around 22-28 miles (30-45 km), which isn’t too bad. There have also been reports of distances up to 35 miles (55 km), which makes this a vigorous little e-bike for the price. It’s silent, 250W brushless gear motors aid in reaching speeds of up to 25 mph, whether unassisted is currently unconfirmed. Furthermore, NAKTO offer 1 year warranty on both the e-bike and battery, with free parts available during the quality assurance period (with all official purchases).

Nakto Electric Bike Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019


  • Decent speed
  • Decent range
  • 1 year warranty


  • Weak motor
  • Long charge time

Now, moving on to the juicy stuff. Whilst we couldn’t find any evidence for NAKTO Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, we noticed that the price chart was all over the place. At the end of December 2017, prices for the NAKTO were very low and an incredible deal for such a bike. However, prices rose as fast as they dropped, increasing in March before dropping again in May.

NAKTO Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2019 Price Charts

It sat at this price for some time, before dramatically spiking in May. These price changes are very confusing, considering you’d expect product value to drop over time. However, prices hovered at the mid range up until mid November 2018, where prices slightly dropped. We speculate that this could have been a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, yet the difference in price was so tiny. Prices stayed consistent until August 2019, where there was also a huge drop, before raising back up.

These flash sales appear to offer a varying fortune of savings, from as low as $20 to up to $150. As such, we believe it to be especially likely for some NAKTO Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals to pop up this 2020, so pay attention!

ANCHEER 2019 Pro Electric Mountain Bike Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals 2020

The ANCHEER Pro electric mountain bike offers ample performance and a variety of features. It’s 36V 8Ah lithium battery powers it’s ever so silent, 250W high speed brushless gear motors. This in turn allows riders to reach speeds of up to 15 mp/h (25 km/h), which isn’t too impressive in comparison to others on this list. The ANCHEER 2019 Pro further offers an average max. range of around 15-30 miles (25-50 km) depending on rider weight, terrain, incline, etc.

However, there is no information on how long this e-bike takes to charge, although we will tell you that it is very easy to charge. The removable battery fits neatly and charges on or off the frame. As expected, the ANCHEER consists of a high quality aluminium alloy frame, keeping it lightweight yet durable. Front fork crafted from high-strength carbon steel and packed with comfort shock absorption, perfect for soaking up any hits.

Ancheer 2019 Apex Electric Bike Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019

Also featuring an impressive 21-speed transmission system, aiding in the tackling of all terrains and scenarios. Be seen and heard easily, thanks to the included horn and bright LED headlamp. ANCHEER also offer one year warranty on the electirc motor, battery and charger for all official purchases. Moving on to possible ANCHEER Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this 2020, we’ve looked at various indicators and have uncovered a few things. Whilst there was no evidence of any ANCHEER Black Friday deals last year, we found a few discount codes from around the same period.

ANCHEER Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2019 Price Charts

In terms of the price chart, a variety of signs are shown. We see prices start fluctuating before dropping down by almost 30% in March, before alternating slightly up until the end of May. This is where things become rather suspect, with prices raising by around 200%. Bear in mind, these prices were only for a week, however many questions are raised. This could be a flash “deal” by raising prices dramatically and selling “discounted” products at the same price, if not higher.

If we ignore this and focus on the price drop last March, we see that ANCHEER are happy selling low and will likely offer some Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals along the line. It’s probable that the price will either drop to the $400 region, or raised another 200% and put on “special”. Either way, keep an eye out come Black Friday or Cyber Monday – it’s definitely worth paying attention to this bike, as it’s also a decent performer.


So concludes our top choice list of some of the best and cheapest electric bikes. We hope you found this list useful, relevant and within your budget. Electric bikes are fast becoming the future, they’re quiet, give off zero emissions, save money and a great way to stay fit. As we stated prior, we’ve taken a number of factors into account when choosing these bikes, most importantly being price. Alternatively, discover the rest of our electric travel reviews, ranging from hoverboards and electric skateboards to electric scooters and unicycles.

We want everyone to have a great ride at a great price and are happy to help that happen. Lastly, we wish you good fortune during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this 2020. If there are any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals that we’ve missed, or you have some questions about electric travel, let us know. Until then, ride safe!


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