RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike Review (2020)

Key Features of the RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

  • Available in orange & pearl
  • Quiet, 750W direct drive hub motor
  • Max. range of up to 45 miles from a single charge
  • Throttle-only top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h)
  • Supports weights of up to 350 lbs
  • Bike weight of 73 lbs (33.1 kg)
  • Charges in just 5-6 hours
  • Comfortably seats a passenger
  • Best Electric Cargo Bike of 2020 Winner (ElectricBikeReview)
  • Bicycling Magazine’s 2020 Bike Awards Winner
  • Premium 48V, 14 Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Choose from 5 levels of intelligent pedal assist
  • Very competitively priced
  • Lightweight yet durable aluminium frame
  • Front and rear fenders included
  • Puncture-resistant tires
  • Integrated front & rear lighting
  • Integrated rear rack (120 lbs carrying capacity)
  • Reflective sidewall striping for better viability
  • Ideal for commuters and eBike enthusiasts alike
  • Dual-leg spring loaded kickstand (100 lb weight limit)
  • Regenerative braking – generates power from kinetic braking energy and back into the battery
  • Highly visible backlit LCD display – shows battery life, speed, odometer, distance, pedal assist mode, wattage and much more
SpeedRangeCharging timeWeightFoldableSmartphone app?Cruise control?
Suspension Disc brakesWaterproof ratingLights?
20 mp/h (32 km/h)Approx. 45 miles (72 km)5-673 lbs (33.1 kg)NoNoNoUnspecified180mm Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakesUnspecifiedFront & rear

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike Review & Overview

Welcome to our RadWagon review for 2020, where we discuss a number of the specs, stats and features included in this incredible electric cargo bike. For starters, the RadWagon claims both ElectricBikeReview’s Best Electric Cargo Bike of 2020, alongside Bicycling Magazine’s 2020 Bike Awards Winner. If this doesn’t give you an idea for the resounding quality offered by RadBikes, we don’t know what will. Perhaps the premium quality 48V, 14 Ah Lithium-ion Samsung battery, the 350 lbs weight limit, puncture-resistant tires and 5-6 hour charge time will help paint a picture. With a frame fashioned from aluminium, this electric cargo bike is both lightweight yet highly durable; weighing just 73 lbs capable of withstanding over 4.5 times its own weight.

Top pick for commuters and eBike enthusiasts alike

Truthfully, we believe the RadWagon one of the best cargo eBikes for commuters and eBike enthusiasts everywhere. The remarkable range offered is more than enough for many conventional commutes, both there and back. Not only this, but the rapid charging speed results in riders having more than enough time to fully charge their RadWagon during their work schedule. Furthermore, the integrated rear rack means riders can carry and transport up to 120 lbs of cargo on the back; alongside integrated front & rear lighting keeping you safe and seen during darker days.

All in all, this electric cargo bike is seriously highly rated, with 92% of customer reviews rated 5 stars. We find it no surprise, when RadBikes have taken multiple measures to ensure top quality throughout the production process. Regenerative braking was another inclusion that we always love to see; kinetic braking energy is utilised, charging the battery and helping riders go that extra mile. There are a huge number of high-end features packed into the RadWagon for such a competitive price; all of which we will discuss below in the rest of our 2020 RadWagon review.

Speed, Power & Distance

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

Powered by a 750W direct drive hub motor, propelling the RadWagon to speeds of up to 20 mp/h (throttle-only). The RadWagon also offers a range of up to 45 miles, thanks to the premium quality Lithium-ion Samsung battery discussed in detail below. Furthermore, riders who wish to lend a leg are rewarded with extended mileage and battery life. Alongside this, riders also have the ability to choose between 5 levels of pedal assist, depending on how you feel. With such a remarkable 45 mile range combined with a speedy 5-6 hour charge time, we were left especially impressed with the RadWagon.

Typically, many similarly performing competitors require a charge time of 8-12+ hours and upwards, alongside also costing a lot more. As such, we were very surprised when we saw such reasonable range, charge time and price. We can see why the RadWagon was voted the best electric cargo bike of 2020 by ElectricBike Review; decent range and fast charge time make it an ideal commuting eBike. Continue reading our 2020 RadWagon review for more information on the battery below.

How fast does it go?

Throttle-only top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h). Riders in pedal assist mode can expect a higher top speed, should they pedal hard enough.

What age/weight is it suitable for?

Whilst there is no official statement from RadBikes on the recommended age, we believe the RadWagon to best suit ages 12+. Furthermore, this cargo eBike is recommended for riders between 5’2″ – 6’2″; however, we found reviews stating how some people up to 6’6″ still found it comfortable to ride. Alongside this, the seat is also fully height adjustable, allowing riders to best suit their height. Lastly, the RadWagon supports weights of up to 350 lbs (158 kg), over 4.5 times its own weight of 73 lbs. Please note that variables such as weight, terrain, incline, weather, etc. will impact overall performance.

What is the range/distance?

Approx. range of up to 45 miles from a single charge. Riders can switch from 5 levels of pedal assist to help out, resulting in an extended range and battery life.

Battery Life & Charging

Moving on to the battery life & charging section of our RadWagon electric cargo bike review for 2020. Powered by a premium quality, 48V, 14 Ah Lithium-ion Samsung battery rated for 800 charge cycles; in turn allowing this exceptional eBike to reach ranges of up to 45 miles. Alongside this, this efficient battery charges from empty in just 5-6 hours, especially impressive when you consider the range offered. As previously mentioned, most similarly priced & performing competitors often require a charge time in excess of 8-12+ hours. Due to this, we were more than happy with the charge time of the RadWagon, alongside its incredibly competitive price.

In many cases, you’d expect to pay double or even triple for an electric bike of this calibre. This eBike includes a 48V 2 Amp smart charger, which operates on both 110V and 230V AC power outlets. Riders also have the option to purchase a spare, fully replaceable battery to keep as a backup plan. What we find really cool about this feature is the ability to interchange your flat battery with a fully charged one; effectively allowing you to double/triple/etc. your range and battery life. Discover additional information below, alongside the design & ergonomics section of our RadWagon 2020 review.

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

How long does it take to charge?

5-6 hours, making the RadWagon a very fast charging electric bike.

Battery protection & safety

Although we found no official statement on the battery protection offered; many competitors and even lower spec’d eBikes offer at least some form of overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, etc. protection. As such, we believe it more than likely that RadBikes have implemented a basic battery management system. However, we insist that you contact RadBikes for this information and confirm it for yourself.

How long will the battery last for?

With a premium quality Lithium-ion Samsung battery rated for 800 charge cycles, riders should expect an average time of 2-3+ years before any faults arise. For some perspective, riders would have to continually use and charge their eBike daily for 2-3+ years before they reach this point.

Design and Ergonomics

We found the design of the RadWagon really neat and tidy, retaining a very sleek and modern bike look with a number of innovations. For starters, the lower than average, walk-through frame results in easy mounting and dismounting; perfect for older riders and those with mobility issues. Alongside this, the RadWagon is fitted with an integrated rear rack, allowing riders to easily transport goods and possessions. The height adjustable seat allows riders to easily and comfortably accommodate their height; alongside the length rear of the bike providing more than enough room for a passenger. The additional passenger room is something often overlooked on most modern/conventional electric bikes and a feature we would love to see more of.

RadBikes describe this cargo eBike as an “urban workhorse” and an ideal “car replacement”, and for such a fair price, we see why. With over 10 years of experience, its no surprise that RadBikes manufacture some of the best quality and feature-packed eBikes currently on the market. Everything about the RadWagon screams innovation, from the frame to the dual-leg spring loaded kickstand; there are so many fresh and exciting concepts on display in this electric cargo bike. As such, it’s no surprise that the RadWagon takes the edge over similarly priced competitors; easily making it one of the best eBikes in its price range.

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

What material is it made from?

Lightweight yet highly durable aluminium frame, handlebar and brake levers. Rigid steel front fork, 12-guage stainless steel spokes. Velo comfort rubber grips & puncture-resistant rubber tires.

Can it be used as a regular bike?

Yes – Riders can choose between 5 levels of pedal assist, each with varying levels of electric support. As previously mentioned, those who lend a leg are rewarded with an extended range and battery life.

Does it connect to your smartphone via app or Bluetooth?

No – Unfortunately, we were unable to find any mobile app or Bluetooth support for the RadWagon, or any other model offered by RadBikes.

Build quality and ease of use

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

As expected, the build quality of the RadWagon is exceptionally high. RadBikes claim over 10 years of experience of producing quality eBikes, so we found it no surprise that they deliver once more. Boasting the title of  overall winner of both ElectricBikeReview’s Best Electric Cargo Bike of 2020 & Bicycling Magazine’s 2020 Bike Awards Winner further attests to the quality of this eBike. The materials used are clearly of the upmost quality, with an interchangeable premium quality Samsung battery; alongside a frame fashioned from a lightweight yet formidable aluminium frame; this electric cargo bike to withstands over 4.5 times its own weight of 73 lbs. The frame offers ample room to comfortable seat a passenger; alongside the previously mentioned walk-through frame accommodating older riders and those with mobility issues.

As an electric cargo bike, the RadWagon was certainly designed to transport goods, with a variety of integrated and additional racks to use for transporting goods. The 180mm Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes provide sharp and precise stopping power when you need it most; operating effectively in a host of terrains. A layer of aramid and ceramic particles within the tire, under the tread offers puncture-resistant rubber. This extra line of defense offers greater reliability alongside also providing protection against puncturing from thorns, glass and more. Continue reading our 2020 RadWagon review for more information on safety and roadside use.

Safety and usability on the road

Moving on to arguably one of the most important sections of our 2020 RadWagon review; safety and roadside usability. This electric cargo bike features an integrated front & rear light; alongside reflective sidewall striping to help you see whilst also staying seen. This lighting is especially important when riding on darker days, although we insist that riders wear adequate safety gear when riding at night; such as a helmet, gloves and high visibility jacket.

Alongside this, the previously mentioned puncture-resistant tires offer much greater reliability when riding for any period of time on the road. After all, you never know what you’ll ride over out on the road. Thanks to such a great range offered by this cargo eBike, long journeys of up to 45 miles are easily possible; alongside interchangeable spare batteries allowing for even greater mileage. The throttle-only top speed of 20 mp/h is also fairly decent, provided you stick to the bike lane.

Is the RadWagon waterproof?

Unspecified. Whilst RadBikes give no official statement on the RadWagon’s waterproof rating, many similarly spec’d competitors offer some degree of water resistance. Furthermore, RadBikes also state that the connectors and wiring harness offer some degree of water resistance. Lastly, we recommend contacting RadBikes to specify the exact waterproof/IP rating. Learn about IP ratings here.

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

RadBikes Black Friday Deals/Discounts 2020

Many cost-effective commuters and eBike enthusiasts will jump for joy at the possibility of any RadBikes Black Friday deals & discounts for the RadWagon this 2020. However, we don’t blame you; RadBikes have a history of offering huge deals and discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday throughout the years. One such noted RadBikes discount was during Black Friday 2018, where the RadWagon had a discount of $400. Alongside RadWagon Black Friday discounts, there were also discounts on a variety of other models, including; $300 off the RadRover/RadMini & $400 the RadCity. As such, we believe it more than likely that the RadBikes deals and discounts will return for Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020. Please ensure you check back here closer to the date for more updates. Alternatively, check out our list of some of the biggest Black Friday electric bike deals of 2020.

Restrictions and availability

As far as we’re aware, RadBikes operate worldwide, offering both EU and NA variants of their models; alongside extensive support for both regions. However, please double check your local laws to ensure that your region accommodates such alternative travel methods. Discover more electric bike reviews, or check out the rest of our reviews on electric scootershoverboardsskateboards and more.