Apollo Pro Review 2021

Apollo Pro Review (2021)

Apollo Pro Review Introduction

Welcome to our Apollo Pro review for 2021, an excellent eScooter model that we must have missed; or we would have written this far sooner! In this in-depth review, we aim to cover the specs, stats and features offered by this sensational scooter, alongside some of the overall pros & cons. To clarify, riders have a choice of 3 models to choose from; 52V regular/hydraulic brakes, 60V with hydraulic brakes and finally, the ‘Ludicrous’ model. In case you hadn’t realised, that 44 mp/h top speed & 56 mile range is certainly the Ludicrous variant. Those looking for something a different can click & check out our range of eScooter reviews and more.

Apollo Pro Specifications


Free shipping US & Canada
Mobile app
Return policy ,
Warranty 1 year


Make Apollo
Model Pro
MSRP $2,499.00


Weight 77 lbs (34 kg)
Foldable Yes
Foldable Dimensions (LxWxH) 50.4 x 26.7 x 20.6 “
Accessories Yes
Spare parts Yes

Speed and Performance

Can it be used offroad? Somewhat
Cruise control Yes
Max incline 40 degrees
Max weight 330 lbs (150 kg)
Motor size Dual 1000W
Range 25-56 miles
Top speed 38-44 mp/h
Tyre Size 10″
Tyre Type Pneumatic Rubber


Brakes Dual disc
Lights Front and rear
Regenerative braking Yes
Removable battery No
Seat No
Water resistance IP54
Suspension Dual spring suspension

Battery and Charging

Battery size 52/60V 22.5aH
Battery Type LG Lithium-ion
Charging time 4-12 hours
Designed by a dedicated team of enthusiasts

Shipping from Montréal, Apollo is a company founded by a team of self-confessed “scooter geeks”, focusing on the electric scooters of the future. As such, we found it no surprise that the Pro is packed full of high-end features. With 3 different models under one post, we’ll try our best to specify the power & features each one claims respectively. Briefly touching on riding comfort, the Apollo Pro certainly knows how to perform; boasting dual spring shock absorption, 10-inch pneumatic tires & a wide deck ensuring a silky smooth ride. What’s more, this eScooter hides such potent performance in a modest, fully folding frame. This allows riders to easily pack, transport and store their scooter, wherever they go.

Quality & quantity

Before we dive into the nuts & bolts of our Apollo Pro review, we’d like to highlight the emphasis they hold on quality control. Every officially purchased model comes with 24 months warranty, undergoing triple inspection & ensuring no issues or flaws. Alongside this, they further offer 9-5 customer support, 7 days a week & fully free. Not only this, however they also offer free shipping to Canada & the United States, with financing options available. It seems the team behind this excellent eScooter want to give riders every opportunity they can to enjoy these magnificent models. With the basics out of the way, let’s get started with speed, power & distance.

Apollo Pro Review 2021

Speed, Power & Distance

Starting our 2021 Apollo Pro review off with speed, power & distance; all of which each model certainly claims. Again, it’s important to remember that there are 3 models to choose from; each boasting bigger batteries, extended ranges and overall enhanced performances. Firstly each model claims two brushless monster motors, each sitting pretty at 1000W. Finding an eScooter with even one 1000W motor is typically reserved for high-end models, let alone two with a 1200W maximum output.

With all of these models incorporating such a motor, the main improvement comes in the form of battery size & braking. Thanks to the marvellous motors powering this model, the Apollo Pro easily tackles inclines of up to 40 degrees; making it one of the best electric scooters for climbing hills. Seriously, its rare to come across models that can handle inclines of even 25, so this eScooter came as a welcome surprise.

Explosive power & awesome acceleration

To mention each model, the 52V version offers superb speeds of up to 38 mp/h for up to 56 miles; not to mention its awesome acceleration, capable of reaching 0-30 in just 6.2 seconds. The 60V version is propelled to a top speed of up to 42 mp/h, by the same dual 1000W motors. However, riders will also enjoy faster acceleration, hitting 0-30 mp/h in just 5.3 seconds; further offering a slightly reduced range of approx. 50 miles. Lastly, the 60V Ludicrous version is stated as having the “fastest acceleration ever tested” by the manufacturers; boasting a 44 mp/h top speed and 56 mile range. Alongside this, the Ludicrous variant also hits 0-30 in just 4 seconds. However, worth noting is that this model does not include integrated lighting, instead a replacement headlight is included.

52V Model60V Model"Ludicrous" Model
Top speed: 38 mp/h Top speed: 42 mp/hTop speed: 44 mp/h
Range: 56 miles Range: 50 miles Range: 56 miles
0-30 mp/h in: 6.2 seconds0-30 mp/h in: 5.3 seconds0-30 mp/h in: 4 seconds

How fast does it go?

38-44 mp/h (61- 70 km/h). As previously mentioned, each model offers varying levels of power & performance. Please consult our speed, power & distance section for further clarification on the performance of each model.

Recommended age/weight?

Apollo Scooters recommend the Pro to riders between the ages of 18 to 60 years. This is likely due to the sheer power & acceleration offered by this model & is clearly designed for experienced eScooter explorers. In terms of weight, each model is incredibly strong, withstanding weights of up to 330 lbs (150 kg), 4.4 times its own!

What is the range/distance?

25-56 miles (40 – 90 km). Again, each model offers alternate power & performance, impacting range & speed. Feel free to consult our speed, power & distance section for more information. Furthermore, please note that variables such as rider weight, terrain, weather, incline, etc. will impact overall performance.

Apollo Pro Review 2021

Battery Life & Charging

Bringing our 2021 Apollo Pro review to the battery life & charging section. Whilst each model claims differing battery capacities, every one of them use premium quality lithium-ion cells; sourced from world-renowned LG. Firstly, whilst the regular model contains the smallest battery, it’s also the cheapest. Riders must make the choice, whether to opt for a bigger battery or stick to their budget. Either way, every model offers a remarkable range and a powerful performance respectively. It’s important to remember that except for ‘Ludicrous’, each model contains the battery size in their name; 52V, 60V, etc.

Although such performance comes at a price, with these big batteries requiring long charge times of up to 10-12 hours. However, riders can cut this time in half by using both of the available charging ports, for a time of around 5-6 hours. Each battery also claims a smart power management system, protecting against a variety of future faults, including: short circuit protection, under voltage protection, auto-sleep protection, double protection from overcharging/discharging, temperature resistance, over-current protection and more.

Apollo Pro Review 2021
Apollo Pro fully folded frame

How long does it take to charge?

Each model manages a fairly disappointing charge time of around 10-12 hours. In this case, charging time is clearly sacrificed for performance, likely due to powering those monstrous 1000W motors. However, riders can utilise the dual charge ports, cutting the charge time in half to around 5-6 hours. Optional fast charger also available.

Battery protection & safety

As previously mentioned, each model boasts a smart power management system, protecting against a number of failures or faults. This includes protection against short circuits, over-current, overcharging, over-discharging, temperature resistance, under-voltage, etc. Furthermore, the Apollo Pro claims a waterproof rating of IP56, protecting it from dust ingress and high-pressure water blasts.

How long will the battery last for?

Lithium-ion batteries typically last around 500-1000+ charge cycles before any issues arise. As a premium quality lithium-ion battery (sourced from leading suppliers), riders should expect the latter of 1000+ charges. Even if you used and charged this folding eScooter on a daily basis, it would still take 2-3 years to reach this point. Lastly, riders can easily source spares & replacements from Apollo’s spare parts section, or contact their 7-days a week support team.

Design and Ergonomics

Switching our 2021 Apollo Pro review to our design & ergonomics section; excelling in both categories. For starters, the forged aluminium frame offers a robust yet moderately lightweight ride of 34 kg. This is especially important, when considering its folding design and potential use as an eScooter for commuters.

However, the real brilliance comes with the Ludicrous model, featuring regenerative braking. This activates when pressed and passes a reverse current through the motor; smoothly slowing the motor and re-charging the battery in one action and pushing you that extra mile. In fact, the Ludicrous version further features a dedicated re-gen brake paddle on the handlebar, perfect for any underground scooter racers out there.

Apollo Pro Review 2021
Apollo Pro handlebar & display
Carefully designed & full of features

Cruise control is another fantastic feature that many competing models appear to forget about. This feature allows riders to give their wrist a rest & enjoy a relaxing riding, set at their own pace. Regardless of long charge time, the previously mentioned dual charging ports are a nice feature; effectively allowing riders to cut charge time in half. In terms of torque, all Apollo Pro models were clearly designed to tackle tricky terrains and inclines.

Claiming a torque capable of smashing 40 degree inclines, each model clearly claims the position as one of the best eScooters for hills. Riders also have the freedom to configure their scooter to their specifications; switch between kick-and-go or instant acceleration, turn on cruise control, modify acceleration strength or switch from imperial to metric systems, the choice is yours!

Easy to learn & comfortable to ride

Ergonomically speaking, the Apollo Pro offers a comfortable ride capable of tailoring to variety of specifications. The large, spacious deck allows for easy standing and movement of feet. Furthermore, the LED display is conveniently situated on the handlebars, allowing riders to easily check their battery level, speed and more at a mere glance. 10-inch pneumatic tires & dual spring suspension soak up bumps, resulting in a smooth and stress-free ride. Feel free to continue reading our Apollo Pro review for 2021, we’ll see you below in our build quality & ease of use section.

What material is it made from?

Forged aluminium frame, 10-inch rubber pneumatic tires, LED lighting, spring suspension.

Suitable for use as a regular scooter?

Yes – once you run out of battery or turn off the motor, get ready to start pushing!

Does it connect to your smartphone via app or Bluetooth?

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any Apollo mobile app page, or evidence of Bluetooth support. However, their website does that the ‘Ludicrous’ model features a dedicated app & phone mount; although this is only compatible for iOS devices.

Apollo Pro Review 2021

Build quality and ease of use

Bringing our 2021 Apollo Pro review into the build quality & ease of use section. We’re sure it comes at no surprise that these models are brilliantly built and held to a high standard of quality control. In fact, Apollo place such confidence in their production process as to offer a 24 month warranty on all official purchases.

That should help give some indication regarding how seriously their team take their scooters. Further undergoing triple inspection quality control helps ensure that even a fraction of a fault is fixed before shipping. This quality control & warranty should give riders that extra peace of mind, knowing that no faults will arise from their awesome new ride; alongside enjoying 2 year coverage should any issues occur.

An unstoppable force

As previously mentioned, the forged aluminium frame results in a highly robust yet relatively lightweight ride, alongside retaining full folding capabilities. Speaking of, the scooter is incredibly easy to fold, carry and store, making it an ideal commuter’s eScooter.

Typically, high-end eScooters sacrifice functionality for performance, often neglecting to add a folding frame and instead focusing on speed & power… But not the Apollo Pro, a sensational scooter that retains both function and power. To attest to its overall build quality, each model supports weights of up to 330 lbs (150 kg), over 4.4 times its own weight.

Or an immovable object?

Further featuring dual performance disc brakes, allowing riders to quickly stop at will, more of which we discuss below. The Apollo Pro also boasts an IP54 waterproof rating, protecting electrical components from dust ingress and high-pressure water blasts. The dual spring suspension system combo’d with 10-inch pneumatic tires result in a sensationally smooth ride, brushing over most bumps. All in all, these epic eScooter models are incredibly well built, easy to use and thoroughly checked for faults. Feel free to continue reading our Apollo Pro review for safety & roadside usability.

Apollo Pro Review 2021

Safety and usability on the road

Changing gear to arguably the most important section of our 2021 Apollo Pro review; safety & usability on the road. As we all know, staying safe is especially important when riding on roads. As such, we really appreciated the super-responsive, high performance dual disc brakes. These disc brakes allow riders to make sharp & sudden stops at a moment’s notice, saving them from a potential accident.

Stopping at full speed (approx. 38-44 mp/h), the Apollo Pro boasts a breaking distance of 5 metres (16.1 ft). We found this especially impressive, considering many eScooters take far longer to stop and often compromise on balance. However, please note that the default 52V model does not include upgraded hydraulic brakes. Instead, riders looking for such smooth stopping power should pick the second “52V & hydraulic brakes” option.

Take a relaxing ride on & off-road

Speaking of a smooth ride, the Apollo Pro boasts dual front & rear spring suspension, coupled with 10-inch pneumatic tires. This results in a remarkably relaxing & smooth ride, alongside both on & off-road functionality. We believe suspension especially important when riding on the road, as bumps & potholes can result in the rider losing balance and falling. Thankfully, these models also feature a wide & spacious deck, allowing riders to easily stand and manoeuvre their feet.

Long distance riders will love the cruise control feature, allowing you to maintain a set speed without straining your wrist. Those tackling hills and other steep inclines will really benefit from the high torque offered by the Apollo; capable of shredding inclines of up to 40 degrees. Riding on darker days? Riders can utilise the integrated front & rear LED lighting, ensuring they see, stay seen and stay safe. However, we recommend always wearing adequate safety gear when riding, such as a high-visibility jacket, helmet, gloves, etc.

Is the Apollo Pro waterproof?

Yes – the Apollo Pro claims a waterproof rating of IP56, protecting it against dust ingress & high pressure water pressure. Learn more about IP ratings here.

Restrictions and availability

Firstly, we always recommend checking your local laws and regulations and ensuring this remains legal in your region. Many suppliers state that it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that this model is legal in respective regions. As always, thanks for reading our Apollo Pro review for 2021, we hope we were able to answer all your questions. Please feel free to leave us a comment if you still have any questions, or think we’ve missed anything.

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Apollo Pro Review 2021

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Seeking seasonal savings for this epic electric scooter? Welcome to our Apollo Pro Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021 section, where we cover a variety of deals, discounts and promos for this model. In this section, we typically analyse pricing history for a number of listings. However, as this model is only listed on Apollo’s own website, this pricing data remains unavailable. As we have no data to work with, we cannot reach any conclusions.

Furthermore, we were also unable to locate any evidence of previous involvement from Apollo regarding Black Friday/Cyber Monday throughout the years. As such, we have doubts about the likelihood of any Apollo Pro Black Friday promos or discounts this 2021.  Lastly, we will list any further information, news and price changes on this page. For now, feel free to check the current price here, or scroll back up for our Apollo Pro discount coupons & promo codes section. Alternatively, discover our list of possible Black Friday electric scooter deals this 2020!


Apollo Pro Review Summary
Next up on our list, our Apollo Pro review for 2021. In this section, we briefly summarise this model and its features, alongside a few of the pros & cons surrounding this exciting eScooter. Available in 4 variants offering varying levels of power, riders will love the rapid 38-44 mp/h top speed; making this one of the fastest electric scooters we've reviewed to date. Whilst the standard model slacks a little on range, the rest offer remarkable performances of up to 56 miles. It's clear that quality control is a keen interest for Apollo Scooters, producing top quality models and utilising high-grade materials. All of their products even undergo triple inspection quality control. As such, this mighty model supports weights of up to 330 lbs (150 kg) and is suitable for both on & off road. Alongside this, dual 1000W motors with terrific torque result in one of the best electric scooters for climbing hills at 40 degrees! So without revealing everything now, lets begin the bulk of our Apollo Pro review for 2021!
Speed, Power & Distance
Design & Build Quality
Customer Support
Reader Rating0 Votes
Cruise control
Fully folding
3 models to choose
Highly configurable
Free CA/US shipping
IP54 waterproof rating
Rapid top speed of 38-44 mp/h
Remarkable 25-56 mile range
Powerful dual 1000W motors
2 charging ports for faster charging
High standard of quality control
Suitable for both off & on-road
Supports up to 330 lbs (150 kg)
Dual hydraulic brakes
Integrated Front & rear lighting
Regenerative braking (Ludicrous model)
24 month warranty on official purchases
Hill destroyer - tackle inclines of up to 40 degrees
Awesome acceleration - 0-15 mp/h in just 2.8 seconds
A little heavy compared to competitors (77 lbs/34 kg)
Long charge time
Fairly expensive