Best Electric Scooter for Kids 2021

Best Electric Scooter for Kids of 2021

Welcome to our list of some of the best electric scooter for kids in 2021. In this article, we cover a number of e-scooters to suit all ages and sizes; from the cheapest electric scooter for kids to the best for teenagers and more. We take an in-depth look at each of these models on our list, highlighting fantastic features, stats and specs. The first thing on every parent’s mind is safety; however, rest assured all e-scooters featured in our best for kids list (and any other of our articles) are of high quality and from reputable manufacturers. This means meeting rigorous fire and electrical safety standards and also additional safety tests.

Many kids already love scooters, and with the electric scooter revolution fast becoming a reality, it makes sense to let them join in on the fun. Every e-scooter model you see has been picked for quality, value for money, performance and much more. We’ve added a variety of sections to help you specify what you’re searching for; find the best electric scooter for toddlers or kids electric scooter with seat, the best for teenagers and much more. So without further a due, let’s start our list of some of the best electric scooters for kids of 2021.

ModelMotorMax speedRangeSuitable for off road?Waterproof?Max weightCharging timeBluetooth or Smartphone app? LED lightsMax climbing angle
Segway Ninebot ES1250W12.4 mp/h15.5 milesNoIP54 rating220 lbs (100 kg)3-4 hoursYesYes10 degrees
Razor Power Core E9090W10 milesApprox. 80 minutes continuous useNoNot specified120 lbs (54 kg)12 hoursNoNoNot specified
Gotrax GKS150W 7.5 mp/h4 milesNoNot specified154 lbs (69 kg)5 hoursNoNoNot specified
Razor E125100W10 mp/hApprox. 40 minutes continuous useNoNot specified120 lbs (54 kg)12 hoursNoNoNot specified
Razor RX200Not specified12 mp/hApprox. 40 minutes continuous useYesNot specified154 lbs (69 kg)12 hoursNoNoNot specified
Razor E300250W15 mp/hApprox. 45 minutes continuous useNoNot specified220 lbs (100 kg)12 hoursNoNoNot specified
Razor E300S250W15 mp/hApprox. 40 minutes continuous useNoNot specified220 lbs (100 kg)12 hoursNoNoNot specified
UberScoot1600W30 mp/hApprox. 12 milesYesNot specified265 lbs (120 kg)6-8 hoursNoYesNot specified
Pulse PerformanceNot specified1.75 mp/hApprox. 40 minutes continuous useNoNot specified50 lbs (22 kg)Not specifiedNoNoNot specified

Overall Best: Segway Ninebot ES1

  • Digital display
  • LED headlight
  • Cruise control
  • Top speed of 12.4 mp/h
  • Max. range approx. 15.5 miles
  • Speed & acceleration control
  • Bluetooth & mobile app enabled
  • 250W motor with 500W max. power.
  • Fast charging time of just 3.5 hours
  • Still relatively cheap & cost-effective
  • Tackle inclines of up to 10 degrees
  • Extremely lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium frame

Introducing the Segway Ninebot ES1, the ideal choice for your kids electric scooter. Offering much greater performance than the rest at a similar price, we see no reason not to choose the ES1 over the rest, and we’ll tell you why. The Ninebot ES1 offers a huge variety of features and additional performance, from cruise control and anti-lock braking to LED lighting and a 12.4 mp/h speed. Alongside this, the ES1 also offers an average range of approx. 15.5 miles, more than any other e-scooter on our list. What’s more, the ES1 is fully Bluetooth and mobile supportive, meaning you can change and tweak settings to best suit your requirements, ranging from max. speed, acceleration power and more. This feature alone also makes the ES1 one of the best kids electric scooter with variable speed. As every parent knows, the safety of their child is paramount.

Worry not, the ES1 passes a huge number of safety regulations, alongside also including a number of design features to further ensure safety. These features include front shock absorption, which minimizes bouncing on uneven terrain and increases stability. If it’s durability you’re worried about, don’t! The frame of the ES1 is forged from extremely lightweight yet durable aircraft-grade aluminium and high density polymer; in turn making the ES1 incredibly easy to store and carry. The digital LED display lets you or your child know exactly how much battery they have, alongside their speed and diagnostics. Whilst sharing a similarly sized 250W motor as some of the rest on this list, the ES1 actually has a maximum power output of 500W, propelling it up 10 degree inclines.

Furthermore, the Ninebot ES1 has a seriously speed charging time of just 3.5 hours from empty. No more waiting half a day and more just for another 40 minutes of ride time. All these features, alongside the highly reputable manufacturer and value for money make the Ninebot ES1 our top pick as the best electric scooter for kids. For those still looking for something a little different, read on below for more great kids scooters. Alternatively, read our in-depth or our latest Segway Ninebot ES1 review for 2021, or our ES1 vs ES3 comparison.


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Cheap Electric Scooters for Kids

Razor Power Core E90 Cheapest kids electric scooter 2021

Razor Power Core E90

  • 90W motor
  • Maintenance free
  • Weighs just 22 lbs
  • Front & rear brakes
  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Top speed of 10 mp/h
  • Max. weight of 120 lbs (54 kg)
  • Battery life approx. 80 minutes
  • One of the cheapest electric scooters for kids

First on our list of the cheapest electric scooters for kids, the Razor Power Core E90. For ages 8 and up, the Razor Power Core E90 makes a perfect choice for any parent. The E90 boasts enough power to propel to speeds of 10 mp/h for up to 80 minutes, but no faster. We feel that this is a great max. speed for kids between 8-12; it’s not too fast and still offers enough excitement and power for most kids and also at a safe speed. Alongside this, the Razor Power Core E90 actually supports a max. rider weight of up to 120 lbs (54 kg), perfect for fast-growing children.

Furthermore, the Power Core E90 features both front and rear brakes, perfect for precise and sudden stops; whilst also featuring no chain, chain tensioner or alignment, making the E90 completely maintenance free. What’s more, this model is also incredibly lightweight, easy to store and transport, thanks to weighing just 22 lbs. All this at an incredibly cost-effective price makes the Power Core E90 one of the strongest contenders for this category, alongside one of the cheapest electric scooters on the market.

Razor Power Core E90 best kids electric scooter

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Gotrax GKS

  • 150W motorGotrax GKS Cheapest kids electric scooter
  • UL Certified
  • Weighs just 17.8 lbs
  • Top speed of 7.5 mp/h
  • Range of approx. 4 miles
  • Max. weight of 154 lbs
  • Suitable for ages 6-12
  • Suitable for heights under 5″
  • 5 hour charge time
  • 5 colours to choose from
  • Another one of the cheapest electric scooters for kids
  • New Safe Step Technology – Ensures your child has both feet on the deck before the motor starts

Next on our list, the Gotrax GKS, another cost effective yet high performing e-scooter packed full of features. With 5 unique colours to choose from, you’ll have no trouble selecting a suitable style for your little one. The Gotrax GKS is aimed at kids between the ages of 6-12 under 5″, and boasts a surprising amount of power from its 150W motor; offering speeds of up to 7.5 mp/h for up to 4 miles.

Whilst the 4 mile range is impressive, the 25.2V battery takes a relatively long time of approx. 5 hours to charge from empty. Although slightly slower than the Power Core E90, we still believe 7.5 mp/h a safe and acceptable speed suitable for a kids scooter. Alongside this, this model is lighter than the E90, weighing only 17.8 lbs and extremely easy for your child to carry and put away.

Furthermore, Gotrax have carefully considered the safety of this cost-effective kids scooter, incorporating “New Safe Step Technology”. This safe step technology ensures that your child has both feet placed on the scooter before the motor engages, allowing them enough time to position themselves properly. To further attest to safety, the Gotrax GKS is fully UL certified and meets rigorous fire and electrical safety standards. Rest assured, Gotrax are a highly reputable and renowned brand known for pioneering electric scooter innovation and uphold very high standards. All of these fantastic features at such a competitive price makes the Gotrax GXL another strong contender for our cheap electric scooters for kids section.

Gotrax GKS Cheap electric scooter for kids 2021

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Razor E125

  • 100W motorRazor E125 cheap electric kids scooter
  • Top speed of 10 mp/h
  • Battery life of approx. 40 minutes
  • Hand operated front brakes
  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • Great value for money
  • Strong steel frame
  • Max. weight of up to 120 lbs (54 kg)
  • Currently listing includes helmet & kneepad bundle

Last but not least on our cheapest electric scooter for kids section, another marvelous model from Razor, the E125. The Razor E125 offers a riding time of up to 40 minutes and a max. speed of 10 mp/h, another suitably safe top speed for kids. This model perfectly suits kids ages 8+, with its design featuring a kid-sized deck and frame. But don’t let the small demeanour fool you, the Razor E125 supports up to 120 lbs and further features a strong steel frame. Who says fun can’t be carbon neutral? The silent 100W chain-driven motor propels the E125 to speeds of 10 mp/h, all from clean and environmentally friendly energy.

Such a common theme among scooter manufacturers is safety, as such, Razor ensure that they adhere to strict fire and electrical standards, whilst also placing rigorous emphasis on quality control. Furthermore, the Razor E125 requires a small manual kickoff to 3 mp/h before the motor starts, helping ensure that your child already has their bearings before the fun really starts. Alongside this, Razor also currently offer this model in a bundle which includes kneepads and a helmet for your child to wear when they ride. All of this performance and the features offered at such a low price makes the Razor E125 another one of the top cheap electric scooters for kids this 2021. Now to swiftly move on to the next section, the best electric scooter for teenagers.

cheapest electric kids escooter e100 vs e125

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Best Electric Scooter for Teenagers

Moving on to our next section, the best electric scooter for teenagers. Now, this category features some slightly beefier models for kids over the ages of 12-13+. No more sub 100W motors, no more 10 mp/h speed limits and no more child sizes. The scooters featured here are perfectly suited to teenagers, whilst also supporting adventurous adults alike. Our list of electric scooters for teenagers consists of models chosen for their functionality, specifications, value for money and more. From off-road and on-road performance to charging time, cruise control and more; we’ve carefully analysed a number of suitable scooters so you don’t have to, all in this comprehensive best electric scooter for teens section. So, let’s start off with the Razor RX200 electric off-road scooter.

Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter

  • Top speed of 12 mp/h (19 km/h)Razor Rx200 best electric scooter for teenagers
  • Up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Good value for money
  • Suitable for ages 13+
  • Suitable for off-road use
  • Max. weight of 154 lbs (69 kg)

Razor RX200 is a great step up from the E200 and the rest on our list; offering increased power and a top speed of up to 12 mp/h (19 km/h), a suitable yet still safe speed for a teenager. Alongside this, the RX200 also offers outstanding offroad functionality, further featuring thick, grippy off-road tires, alongside disc brakes and a “new gear ratio for high-torque trail riding”. As such, we believe it more than suitable for your teenager to take their awesome new ride out for a spin, wherever they please. Razor have stated that this model is recommended for ages 13+, with a maximum weight of 154 lbs (69 kg).

As such, parents on the lighter side should have no trouble taking this bad boy for a spin, if they feel like it. The Razor RX200 offers up to 40 minutes of continuous use, whilst further featuring two 12V sealed lead avid batteries. Unfortunately, the main aspect letting down the RX200 is the long charge time of approx. 12 hours; we feel this is far too high a charge time for the range offered, but if you’re patient enough, it shouldn’t pose an issue. Check out this awesome off-road scooter for yourself, or continue reading for the next on our list, the Razor E300.

Razor Rx200 best escooter for teens

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Razor E300 – Duo Bundle

best escooter for teenagers 2021

  • 250W motor
  • Top speed of 15 mp/h (24 km/h)
  • Suitable for ages 13+
  • Max. weight up to 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • Save even more with a bundle deal

The Razor E300 certainly is one of the best electric scooters for teenagers, whilst still a fairly cost-effective solution. The E300 offers a much more than its counterparts, with its beefy, high torque, single speed 250W motor propelling it to speeds of up to 15 mp/h (24 km/h). We believe this speed is perfectly suitable for kids above the ages of 13, in appropriate safety gear (helmet, kneepads, etc). Furthermore, Razor state that this model best suits ages 13+, whilst also supporting weights of up to 220 lbs (100 kg), perfect for any thrill-seeking parents who wish to have some fun.

The rechargeable dual 12V sealed-lead acid battery helps provide up to 40 minutes of continuous run time; alongside additional features such as soft rubber grips and hand-operated caliper front brakes to further offer increased control to riders. Cited as easy to assemble and easy to ride, the Razor E300 makes the ideal scooter for your teenager. What’s more, this listing is currently offers a 2 pack, so you can get 2 of these quality scooters at a discount; perfect for buying matching presents or if you want to keep hold of a spare replacement, all at great value for money.

Honourary mention: Razor E325

Alternatively, those still seeking a single scooter and not a bundle, the Razor E325 offers very similar performance; reaching speeds of 15 mp/h, similar battery life, design and more. However, Razor actually recommend this for ages 12+, which is strange considering it offers the near same performance as the E300, said to best suit ages 13+. As such, we believe that the Razor E325 as one of the best electric scooters for tweens. One thing that the E325 unfortunately shares with the E300 is the incredibly long charge time of approx. 12 hours, with even up to 24 hours recommended. As we said previously, this isn’t an issue if you’re patient, but it’s still a long time.

Lastly, the Razor E325 is listed as a single (not duo bundle like E300) and it honestly great value for money. Click & check it out for yourself, or continue reading our best electric scooter for teenagers section below.

razor escooter bundle deal

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UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter

  • 1600W motor
  • uberscoot best kids electric scooter with seatSuitable for ages 16+
  • Top speed of 30 mp/h
  • Front & rear headlights
  • Range of approx. 12 miles
  • Charges in just 6-8 hours
  • Front & rear disc brakes
  • Max. weight of 265 lbs
  • Economy mode to control speed & save battery

Now, this beast of a scooter certainly is a change of pace. We believe the UberScoot 1600W most suited to ages 16+, as it boasts a serious amount of power from its 1600W motor. However, parents will breathe a sigh of relief at the addition of speed and power controls, just to ensure that your child doesn’t go too crazy! The UberScoot offers a max. top speed of 30 mp/h (after disconnection of speed limit wire), features front & rear lights and offers a remarkable range of up to 12 miles. Furthermore, your child won’t need to wait half a day per charge, the UberScoot has a charging time of just 6-8 hours.

Alongside this, an economy mode setting also allows riders to change mode and save battery. Safety and control is carefully considered, with front & rear disc brakes in close proximity to the rider, as well as featuring front & rear lights for staying seen. Furthermore, the UberScoot also offers a max. weight of 265 lbs (120kg), so not only does it make the perfect gift for your child, but also a little something for you. At 70+ lbs, the UberScoot is pretty heavy for a scooter, although this shouldn’t pose an issue for ages 16+. This model is fully folding and also includes a quick-release seat for longer journeys. This is very much the Ferarri of electric scooters for teenagers.

Incredible performance at a great price

With all these fantastic, high performance features at this price, the UberScoot offers incredible value for money. Honestly, your kid will love you for this, but first you must ensure they are to be trusted! Please ensure that correct riding gear is worn throughout (helmet, kneepads, gloves, etc). So ends our best teenagers section, we hope you were able to find the perfect e-scooter for your teen. Moving on to our next section below, the best kids electric scooter with seat included.

uberscoot folding electric scooter

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Kids Electric Scooter with Seat

The next section in our article is of course, the best kids electric scooter with seat. There are all kinds of reasons why you may want a seat on your scooter. Perhaps your child’s legs get tired on long distances, they have trouble balancing, simply too lazy to stand up and much more. As such, parents often wonder which is the best seated electric scooter for their child, so fear not. We’ve compiled a list of cost-effective, high performing e-scooters that also feature removable seat options. So, let’s dive straight in to the first on our seated scooter section, the Razor E300S.

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

kids seated escooter

  • 250W motor
  • Suitable for ages 13+
  • Top speed of 15 mp/h
  • Run time of approx. 40 mins
  • Seated version of E300
  • Good value for money
  • 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • Max. weight up to 220 lbs (100 kg)

The Razor E300S is more or less the seated version of the E300. With a top speed of up to 15 mp/h and a run time of approx. 40 minutes, both models offer near identical performance. However, the E300S has a seat! Perfect for those who have trouble standing or if you’re riding long distances. Unfortunately, the E300S shares the same approx. 12 hour charge time as the E300, which is simply too long for the run time offered. However, the E300S does make a great, cost-effective and seated solution for your child, which are few and far between; hence we’ve added it to our best kids electric scooter with a seat.

Furthermore, the seat post and padded seat are easily removable for when you wish to start standing. Extra wide, 10-inch pneumatic tires offer greatly improved grip and control, with the hand operated rear brake allowing precise and on-the-ball response to any potential dangers. Alongside this, the E300S offers a max. weight of up to 220 lbs (100kg), the perfect gift for kids and parents alike. Click the button below & discover more about the E300S, or continue reading our best kids electric scooter with seat section!


best kids electric scooter with seat 2021Check prices for the Razor E300S


Honorary mention: UberScoot 1600W

Back once again for a second time, the UberScoot 1600W also qualifies as one of the best kids electric scooters with a seat. However, please note that the UberScoot is recommended for ages 16+, due to its high power and top speed. Please scroll up or click here for a more in-depth review of the UberScoot. We still couldn’t help but include this beastly seated scooter, partly due to the outstanding performance but wholly due to the convenient seat mechanism. Designed to offer a quick release to save time and effort, the seat on the UberScoot is just perfect. The seat is both extremely easy to assemble, implement and remove on the scooter, alongside offering a pretty comfortable ride. Please note, this scooter listing comes with the seat at no additional charge!

Best Electric Scooter for Toddlers

Last but not least on our kids scooter review, the best electric scooter for toddlers. Now, many parents might wonder, what’s the point in getting my 4 year old an electric scooter and “is it dangerous?”. Rest assured, the scooter featured in this section is perfectly suited towards toddlers. It’s perfectly sized and designed with stability in safety in mind, alongside bright and colourful cartoon designs to keep your precious baby entertained and engaged. So, let’s get started with the final scooter on our list, the Pule Performance!

Pulse Performance Toddlers Scooter

best toddlers escooter 2021

  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Top speed of 1.75 mp/h
  • Approx. 40 minutes run time
  • Max. weight of 50 lbs
  • Extremely cheap
  • Choose from a variety of cartoon designs

The Pule Performance is more or less the perfect electric scooter for toddlers. This 3-wheel electric scooter is designed to maintain maximum stability at all times, whilst also featuring a wide range of space for comfortable foot positioning. Further offering up to 40 minutes of run time off a single charge, alongside a suitable max. speed of 1.75 mp/h. The Pulse Performance was designed with kids in mind, every step of the way. Pulse state that this scooter is best suited for children aged 3+ and supports weights of up to 50 lbs; giving more than enough play time before they grow out of it.

Lastly, the Pulse Performance comes in a variety of colour and design choices, including Paw Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more. We felt it necessary to only feature the Pulse, as the rest of the scooters we found weren’t really suited towards toddlers as much as the Pulse. As always, thank you for reading our best electric scooter for kids of 2021 article and we hope we were able to answer and questions you had about these scooters.

Pulse Performance best electric scooter for toddlers

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