Best Electric Scooter Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Electric scooters have come an incredibly long way over the recent year. New technology has seen the industry standard performance of these scooters increase significantly. If you are in the market for an electric scooter then now could be the perfect time of the year. Below our team has put together the best electric scooter Black Friday deals that we think may occur this year. We have summed up some of the key features of these scooters and done price analyses using historical data where applicable.

Be sure to check back here come Black Friday 2020, as our team will update the page with any updates we receive regarding good prices and deals.

Best Electric Scooter Black Friday Deals analysis

Inboard Glider Black Friday

Inboard Glider Review


To start off the list of the electric scooter Black Friday deal potentials is the Inboard Glider. This is one of the leading electric scooters and although it wasn’t released until the first quarter of 2019, we still hope to see a Black Friday discount on the presale. The scooter is power by a 750-watt hub motor, giving it excellent torque, climbing and speed capabilities. It also has regenerative braking, meaning that whenever you hit the brake it will put power back into the battery! The scooter has a very smart swappable battery system, that will extend the range of the scooter for almost as long as you like (depending on how many spare batteries you can carry!).

Inboard have designed this scooter to be able to connect to any network with its software. This opens up the doors to organizations that want to have a fleet of scooters available for rentals or for staff. This combined with an open API really makes it a cut edge scooter when it comes to technology. The design of the scooter also makes it look slick with a convenient foldable design. LED lights also ensure that the rider can be well spotted if riding the scooter at night time.

It is a fantastic scooter with cutting-edge technology so we believe it is still worth looking out for this Black Friday. However, be sure to check back on our website because we will be adding any information regarding potential sales.

Ninebot Segway ES2 Black Friday 2018

Ninebot/Segway ES2 Kick Scooter Black Friday

The Ninebot is one of the most popular electric scooters currently on the market. Ninebot’s ES2 is an improved version of their ES1. It is a fantastic electric scooter that can achieve remarkable distance with the upgraded battery pack, making it one of the best alternative means of green transportation for long distance commutes available on the market in 2020. The Scooter has a top speed of 25km per hour. Powered by a front wheel hub motor delivering 300-watt performance and a peak performance of 700-watt. With the extra battery pack, this can be furthered to an amazing 800-watts.

Three-speed modes can be adjusted through the Ninebot smartphone app that is available on the iOS and Android application markets. On a single charge and consistent conditions, the Ninebot can reach distances of up to 25 km (15.5 miles) which is fairly standard. However, with the battery upgrade, it can reach an incredible 45 km (28 miles) on a single charge! The regular battery will only take 3.5 hours to fully charge and the extended battery 7 hours. The scooter comes in a both black and silver and had LED lights that can change colors underneath the scooter. These are nice features to personalize your ride. As is almost essential for all electric scooters the Ninebot can be folded for easier transport.

Ninebot/Segway ES2 Price History

We have price history of the Ninebot from September and it has seen a fair amount of fluctuation since then. In the last couple of months, there has been a 30% price increase on its initial listed price, as well as a sale that occurred of 15%. As can be seen, by the graph the price now sits relatively in-between its initial price and its highest price. The higher price just before Black Friday could indicate a potential discount on the electric scooter for Black Friday 2020.

Ninebot ES2


Swagtron Swagger 5 Black Friday

Swagtron Swagger 5 Black Friday 2018

Improving significantly since their previous models, Swagtron has done well with the Swagger 5. This is a Scooter that is affordable, looks great and performs well. This scooter has a top speed of 29 km per hour with three different speed settings. On a single charge, the scooter can travel up to 18 km per hour (11 miles). However, if the scooter travels at its top speed the entire time then it can only get to 14 km (9 miles) on a charge. This is something to take into consideration as if you do not have a place to easily charge it then it may become hard to complete some journeys!

The 37V 4.4ah 158Wh Lithium-Ion battery takes just 3.5 hours to fully charge. One thing that is quite nice about the scooter is it is fairly lightweight, weighing in at 11.8kg (26 pounds). It can be connected to your smartphone through the Swagger 5 app, which allows the user to monitor the speed, track the distance traveled and switch between performance modes.

Since its initial release last year, the price dropped at least 10% within a few months. Therefore, it is hard for our team to fully assess whether the Scooter will receive a discount, but there is still a chance. As there has not been much movement in the price since it releases, we believed it would be the perfect time for the scooter to receive its first big price discount in 2018. And so it did! Swagtron offered a number of Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals to the public. As such, we expect this year to follow suit, keep up to date and stay sharp!

GOTRAX GXL V2 Black Friday

Gotrax GXL Black Friday 2018

The Gotrax GXL scooter is a very high-quality scooter at a very reasonable price tag. Powered by a 250-watt hub motor allows this scooter to achieve speeds of up to 25 km per hour (15.5 miles). This is fairly good considering the scooter is lightweight weighing only 12kg (26.5 pounds).

There are also 2-speed modes to ensure maximum user performance. Built to be a good commuter scooter, it does just that with a 36-volt lithium ion battery giving it the capability to travel up to 20km (12.5 miles) on a single charge. The battery can also be fully charged in just 4-5 hours. 8.5-inch pneumatic air tires allow for a more stable ride and give it a few off-road abilities. However, it is mainly focused on being a good commuter scooter. Gotrax  GXL does have an IP54 waterproof rating, which means it can withstand splashing water but not full submersion. Unfortunately, it does not have any smartphone app, which is offset by the relatively lower price tag compared to those that do.

The price tag has noticed some interesting fluctuations over the last year. It has twice seen the price rapidly increase and then decrease by the same amount. This could be a marketing tactic to make sales seem greater than they are. The price is, however, sitting at the same as it was when first released. Therefore, keep an eye out to see if there is a sudden increase in the price before a Black Friday deal on this electric Scooter.

gotrax commuter black friday deals

Xiaomi Mi M365 Black Friday

Xiaomi Mi M365 Folding Electric Scooter black friday

The Xiaomi is targeted as a greener alternative for people to travel short distances, and it achieves just that. Made from aircraft grade aluminum the scooter weighs just 12.5kg (25 pounds). It can also be folded away for easy transport and storage. Powered with an LG battery gives it the ability to travel up to 30 km on a single charge. It does although take around 5 to 5.5 hour to achieve a full charge. However, this comes at no sacrifice to its speed ability with a top speed of 25 km per hour (15.5 miles). Combined with 2-speed settings you could be darting all around town faster than you have ever before.

It is targeted towards people over the age of 16 and has a maximum weight of 100kg (220 pounds). We love the look of this scooter with its options in black or white and its slick design. As it is manufactured by a smartphone company, the scooter can be paired with an app. Speed management, battery status, ride history, and cruise control can all be managed on the application available on the iOS or Android markets. Therefore if you are in the market for a good all round scooter this may be just the one you are after.

The scooter has seen just one sale of approximately 14% since its initial release. However, what our team found most interesting was recent data collected. This showed that its price has increased by 20% in the last month. This is a common tactic for companies to do right before putting a product on sale. Therefore, we think the scooter could get a Black Friday discount in 2020. Do make a note of the price before the day though as the sale may not be as great as it seems.

Segway Ninebot MAX G30 Electric Scooter Black Friday

Segway Ninebot Max G30

One electric scooter we’ve had our eyes on for a while now: the Segway Ninebot Max G30. This marvelous model from Segway boasts a maximum range of up to 65 kilometres! That’s some serious range, much to the delight of many a challenged commuter. As is the case with a great deal of Segway products, the Ninebot Max G30 maintains a remarkably high standard of build quality. Crafted from a lightweight, yet durable aluminium alloy frame capable of fully folding for easy storage and transport.

Further featuring a handy LED display to help monitor your distance, battery life, speed and adjust your speed settings, riding mode and more. Riders will also like to know that the Max G30 is supported by the Segway mobile app, allowing users to lock their scooter, run diagnostics, view tutorials and much more. The 700W brushless motor on the Max G30 results in some seriously stealthy quiet riding, with the capacity to go up to 18 mp/h in Sports mode. Learn more about this scooter in our Ninebot Max G30 review. However, enough about specifications – let’s move on to the juicy Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals.

Ninebot Max G30 Black Friday Price Charts

Ninebot Max G30 Black Friday Cyber Monday Price Charts

Something we really didn’t expect this year was the inclusion of a huge variety of Segway/Ninebot products offering Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts. Due to the extremely high quality and prestige of the Segway brand, we rarely ever see any deals and offers available on their products. However, this year we see a huge number of Segway/Ninebot products discounted on a number of marketplaces. In specific, Segway previously offered up to $150 off the Ninebot Max G30 electric scooter this Black Friday, bringing the price down to a very reasonable level. As we see from the price chart, this is a genuine deal and not a trick; With such amazing power and performance offered at a now reduced price, commuters will do well to snap up this bargain.

TianRun Electric Scooter Cyber Monday

TianRun electric scooter black friday 2018

The TianRun Electric scooter could be one to watch out for this Black Friday & Cyber Monday. The scooter is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 16 pounds. This is due to its carbon fiber structure, which also makes it very strong and durable. However, this comes at no significant sacrafice to performance. The 250-watt motor can allow the scooter to achieve a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour (depending on conditions). Three travel speeds and a maximum distance of approximately 8-15 miles also depending on conditions.

If you are after a scooter that is a bit cheaper than other competitors in the market than this one could be for you. We noticed that the scooter received a 10% discount last month and its price has since returned to normal. Therefore it could indicate that the Scooter could receive a Black Friday Discount this year in 2020.


The world we live in is changing. If you are after a greener and more sustainable mode of transport, then an electric scooter could be just for you. There are many options and now is a great time if you want a Black Friday discount on an electric scooter. We will be updating this page with any applicable information regarding potential sales and discounts for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

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