Hollyburn Rovers P3, P5 & SS Electric Scooter Review

Hollyburn Rovers P3, P5 & SS Electric Scooter Review

Works Electric company Overview

Works Electric is a US-based company that started in Portland, Oregon by a lone mechanical engineer and in general an all-trades guy Brad Baker. His goal was to contribute to the green movement and increase alternative energy use in the personal transportation industry.

After a few years of literally living in his cinder block shop, Brad has developed his first generation Rover. Now, Works Electric already has three Rover models the Hollyburn P3, Hollyburn P5, and Hollyburn SS.

These big bulky electric scooters are no joke! They are not your casual lightweight electric scooters for city commutes. They are designed to drive fast, drive through all kind of terrain, and most importantly to drive and have fun! These all terrain electric scooters are designed for the thrill seekers among us!

Having the ability to reach high speeds for long distances these alternative energy scooters are high-end products made from high-quality materials with an immaculate precision that comes with a hefty price tag.

In this review, we will go through all three models in detail, compare them, and give you an insight which one might fit your needs best.

Hollyburn Rovers Key Features

DimensionsSpeedStopping distance RangeCharging timeClimbing angleWeightFoldableSmartphone app?Cruise control?
Suspension Disc brakesWaterproof ratingLights?
Unfolded 135 x 38 x 117 cm (53 x 15 x 46 inches)
Folded 135 x 38 x 51 cm (53 x 15 x 20 inches)
P3 53 km/h (33 m/h)
P5 56 km/h (35 m/h)
SS 62 km/h (39 m/h)
3-5 depending if on street or off-roadP3 and P5 45 km (28 miles)
SS 51.5 km (32 miles)
0-100% 5 hoursN/A but highP3 and P5 39 kg (86 lbs)
SS 38 kg (84 lbs)
YesNoNoNoYes, frontYes, IP66Front and rear LED lights on the scooter base

Hollyburn Rovers P3, P5 & SS Electric Scooter Review

Speed, Power & Distance

All three of the Works Electric Rovers are powered by ZM2 brushless drive systems. The P5 and SS models have massive 4400 Watt power motors and the P3 is a little weaker with 4000 Watts.

This high-performance system has the motor totally enclosed and cooled with air to reach 45 ft-lb torque in P5 and SS models and 41 ft-lb torque on P3 model. As the company mentions this high-end system operates at almost 90% efficiency.

These Rovers are so powerful that they can accelerate 0 – 48 km/h (30 m/h) in 4-4.5 seconds depending on the model. You won’t have such acceleration on any of the lightweight electric scooters not even mentioning the high speed.

How fast do they go?

The slowest (if we can call it slow) model P3 has the ability to reach max speed of 53 km/h (33 m/h), P5 max speed is 56 km/h (35 m/h) and SS goes to a whopping 62 km/h (39 m/h) maximum speed.

As you can see any of the three models max speed should be enough even for people looking for extreme adventures.

Do they have more than one speed setting?

There are no speed settings on any of the Hollyburn Electric scooter models. You will control the speed of your scooter like you would a moped, bike, or a four-wheeler. Just crank the throttle handle for as much speed as you need.

What age/weight are they suitable for?

The weight capacity on these monster scooters is 127 kg (280 lbs). As expected these bulky electric beasts allow even big guys to enjoy an extreme ride.

There is no information on the age limit for the Hollyburn Rovers, however, having in mind how fast and powerful these electric scooters are it is obvious they are not toys and should not be operated by children. These electric offroad scooters are best suited for adults.

What is the range/distance?

Finally, we have an electric scooter that allows you to travel for a decent distance and actually have the opportunity to go an actual adventure in nature.

The Hollyburn P3 and P5 models will let you go for a maximum of 45 km (28 miles) on perfect conditions and Hollyburn SS has 51.5 km (32 miles) max range. As with all electric scooters, the maximum distance is calculated while driving optimally.

The Electric Works Rovers are known to get really good distance even while constantly driving on max throttle and uneven surfaces, a number of people have reported their scooters reaching up to 70% of max distance while on high performance, which is very impressive.

Can they be used off-road?

Yes, yes and YES! Electric Works Rovers are designed for extreme conditions and are the best scooters for offroading that we’ve reviewed so far. The P3 and P5 models have wide 14-inch air filled Kenda Scorpion tires that allow you to go through sand, rocks, dirt, snow and any other terrain you can think of. These scooters are like electric motocross bikes.

Hollyburn Rovers P3, P5 & SS Electric Scooter Review

The Hollyburn P3 and P5 models also have premium EK high tensile chain drives that are very durable and will cut through all kinds of dirt without trouble. Combined with high-quality aluminum and stainless steel construction, aluminum underbody rock plating, aluminum motor shield, and motor debris guard makes the Hollyburn P3 and P5 models resistant to potholes, rocks, dirt, punches, and scratches on any kind of surface. It’s a damn tough electric scooter.

If you are an extreme sports lover who needs speed and adrenaline these scooters are made for you!

The Hollyburn SS, on the other hand, is made to conquer the streets and pavements. It is equipped with ultra-premium street tires that you can find on single engine prop planes and an Omega HP belt drive that is very durable and very quiet.

The SS model can still go off-roading just not as extreme as the P3 and P5 models.

Battery Life & Charging

All three Hollyburn electric scooter models have 48.1V 25.1 Ah ALlCell Lithium-Ion batteries that allow for long distance rides. The capacity of these batteries is 1207 Wh (1.2 kWh).

What is interesting and unique about the battery cells in Hollyburn Rovers is that the battery packs are made in the USA instead of being imported from China.

How long does it take to charge?

The standard 0-100% charge is just 5 hours which is fast enough compared to the distance you can drive.

However, you have the ability to charge your battery even quicker with a fast charger, which does need to be purchased separately. The fast charger will charge your battery 0-100% in a stunning 2.5 hour time!

The charger is not cheap, but to be honest, the scooters are expensive already and spending a little bit more for an option to charge your scooter while you go for dinner is priceless.

Battery protection & safety

Works Electric has put a huge amount of engineering work into their scooters to make them extremely powerful, but also safe and durable. With electric vehicles, battery safety is extremely important, and the Works Electric scooters meet the UL 94 V-O flammability standards and the company website states this makes their batteries one of the world’s safest and most reliable.

Works Electrics batteries have the Phase Change Material (PCM) that rapidly absorbs and conducts heat away from the cells to prevent overheating and in case of power irregularity, the battery system will automatically disconnect from the power source.

How long will the battery last for?

Works Electric high-quality lithium batteries will last for up to 50,000 miles before needing replacement.

Design and Ergonomics

If you are used to lightweight electric scooters like the Xaoimi Mi or Gotrax GXL, then the Hollyburn scooter range might come as a surprise when you see them for the first time. They are much more heavy duty machine and look almost military grade.

All three models come in matte black. P5 has additional burnt orange color and SS has a matte black / scorched red mix to choose from.

Works Electrics scooters have wide comfortable decks to stand on with anti-slip surfaces. If you get tired from standing on the scooter you can additionally purchase and mount a seat attachment.

Is it foldable?

The scooters are quite bulky because of all the protections for off-roading and big wide wheels are bigger than lightweight electric scooters but not overly big and still foldable. Their unfolded dimensions are 135 x 38 x 117 cm (53 x 15 x 46 inches) and folded 135 x 38 x 51 cm (53 x 15 x 20 inches).

As you can see the Hollyburn Rovers are still easy to store as long as you can lift them.

What material is it made from?

All three models share the same materials. The main frame of the scooter is from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel that makes the scooter extremely durable.

The whole body of these scooters and especially the bottom is protected by high-quality aluminum making the Rovers very durable even when repeatedly pummeled and smashed.

Hollyburn Rovers P3, P5 & SS Electric Scooter Review


The handlebar is very simple on these electric vehicles, you have your bike like brake and acceleration throttle on your right handlebar.

The grips are from hard rubber that provides very good grip even if wet, dusty, or muddy.

There is no display on the handlebar so you have no option of seeing how fast you are going, how much battery you have left or how far you have traveled. We feel like this is a bit of a shame, since many people will buy these scooters for the speed.

Does it connect to your smartphone via app or Bluetooth?

Sadly the Hollyburn rovers don’t have Bluetooth connectivity to see all the data on your phone, which would be a big advantage since most people going for extreme rides or adventures in nature like to check their speed and distance history.

Does it have suspension?

No standalone suspension on these scooters, however, the wide 14-inch tires act as a very good suspension when going on rocky trails, jumping gaps or curbs.

Build quality and ease of use

There is no doubt that Hollyburn rovers are of the highest quality scooters on the market. Being hand assembled and precisely checked for quality issues every single scooter looks like a piece of art. A strong, rough piece of art.

Strong aluminum and stainless steel frames and platings are connected with multiple bolts and even additional pins on the stem to protect the scooter from collapsing if the first level of tightening does not hold.

These powerful alternative energy scooters are easy to use, but you need to get used to the speed. They are not your casual lightweight electric scooters, they resemble dirt bikes or ATVs.

Having that in mind they weight much more than casual e-scooters as well. Hollyburn P3 and P5 are 39 kg (86 lbs) each and SS model is 38 kg (84 lbs) so if it’s just lifting the scooter in and out of your car or other transport you will be fine, but carrying it on public transport might not be an option.

Safety and usability on the road

Being built from top of the line materials and parts these e-scooters are very safe to be stored indoors since they have no onboard fluids, zero emission, and one of the safest battery technology we have seen.

Not only they are safe to store they are also made safe to ride. All Hollyburn rovers have disc brakes on the front wheel. The brakes are dual-piston hydraulic with an oversized 180mm rotor and high-performance metal ceramic brake pads for faster braking. While the rear high-quality regenerative brake provides fast 3-5 meter stop depending if you are riding on the street or off-roading, the front wheel disc brake provides even more additional stopping power.

Having in mind that these alternative energy powerhouses are very fast and can even go over speed limits in the city, we feel that they miss some small standard safety measures like turn signals, brake lights or even a speed monitor. Even though you have led lights on the standing deck to be seen at night you still want cars to know if you are going to turn or brake so they could respond properly.

Without any doubt, any person riding these scooters should wear a helmet or even safety knee and elbow pads while riding these scooters.

As it was already mentioned numerous times these scooters are made for extreme off-road riding. No matter if it’s a rocky trail, grass, or even shallow river these monsters should go through anything without even slowing down. If you are an off-roading enthusiast we would advise getting the Hollyburn P5. The difference in price between the P3 and P5 are not that noticeable when you are already paying a top dollar, so the obvious choice is P5 for more power and longer distance.

This is not to say that the Hollyburn Rovers are not for street riding. The Hollyburn SS even faster model with street tires is one of the fastest alternative energy scooters we have seen with such a long distance per charge. With the SS model, you will be going as fast as some cars and beat traffic in no time.

Works Electric scooters are probably more designed for taking adventures and just having fun in your free time, but it does not mean you cannot commute with them. They will get you to your destination fast and comfortably but remember they are much heavier.

Is the Hollyburn Rover waterproof?

Yes, unlike most electric scooters we’ve reviewed which are water resistant, Hollyburn electric monsters have IP66 waterproof rating meaning they are protected from multi-directional high-pressure water jets. No matter if its rain, mud, or snow these scooters can handle everything.

Does it have cruise control?

No, there is no cruise control on current Hollyburn models.


Steering and maneuvering the Hollyburn Rovers is a little different from light electric scooters. Because of the weight and wide standing platform, most of the maneuverability comes from leaning to the direction you want to go and then using the handlebar to supplement the movement, similar to how you would ride a skateboard, just with a handle.

Restrictions and availability

Works Electric currently only ships to USA and Canada.

When buying this electric scooter you really need to consider laws in USA and Canada. Hollyburn Rovers are fast and powerful electric vehicles that in most cases will require license and registration to ride on public roads and pavements.

If you consider riding these monsters publicly check your local laws.

Another option to consider if you want to legally ride them on the streets is to contact Works Electric before purchasing and they will be able to digitally limit the top speed of your rover to comply with the laws of your state.

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