MegaWheels S5 Review

MegaWheels S5 Review (2020)

Key Features of the MegaWheels S5

DimensionsSpeedRangeCharging timeWeightSmartphone appWaterproof ratingLights
111 x 42 x 120 cm
(43.7 x 16.5 x 47.2 inches)
Folded Dimensions: 111 x 42 x 43 cm
(43.7 x 16.5 x 16.9 inches)
23 km/h (14.3 m/h)
20 km (12.5 miles)
3 hours 0-100 %12 kg (27 lbs)NoN/AFront LED, hazard back light

MegaWheels S5 Overview

The MegaWheels S5 is the latest model in the MegaWheels line that we’ve reviewed. We reviewed MegaWheels S1 electric scooter just a couple of days ago. We were pleasantly surprised by how light and well built it is. A strong start in helping to make it one of the best cheap electric scooters in 2020.

Looking back in company history, it is obvious MegaWheels has many years of experience, with the ability to follow popular trends and adapt to what people want. By cutting out the middle-man, it looks like they’ve hit gold with the cheap electric scooter S1. However, the big question is if they are up to par with the local US manufacturers. Alongside other companies that supply high quality powerful electric scooters?

Today, take a look at the MegaWheels S5 electric scooter, aimed towards adults instead of children. Perfect for people that want more performance than S1 can provide. The MegaWheels S5 is twice the price of S1, but is still in the lower middle price range compared to other competitors. Just for that reason, we are excited to review this scooter and find out if MegaWheels deliver good performance and undercut the competition.

MegaWheels S5 Review

Speed, Power & Distance

How fast does it go?

The official MegaWheels website states S5 electric scooter max speed is 23km/h (14.3 m/h). However, their manual alongside some Amazon listings state 25 km/h  (15.5 m/h), so it’s a little confusing. Although this is likely an issue since most electric scooters max speeds are barely reachable. During our tests, the 250W brushless motor managed to get us close to 22 km/h (~13.5 m/h).

MegaWheels S5 also has 2 speed gears: 1st one reaching 15 km/h (~9 m/h), with 2nd being max speed. Switch between gears easily, with the help of a button located in the middle of the handlebar.

What age/weight is it suitable for?

One of the few disappointments of the S1 was that it couldn’t handle bigger weights. It actually couldn’t even handle middleweight people for a proper ride. However, the S5 is definitely a change in the right direction. Max. supported rider weight is now 120 kg (265 lbs), and it is felt when riding. We tested the S5 with a 75 kg (165 lbs) person and the scooter handled perfectly!

Whilst there is no mention of the age limitation, be sure you are supervising your children as this e-scooter is quite powerful.

What is the range/distance?

MegaWheels S5 has a maximum range of 20 km (12.5 miles) with a full charge. During our test we got to around 16 km (10 miles), which is pretty good considering we drove at max speed, alongside up a few small hills. In comparison to mid and high-end range electric scooters, the S5 range is lacking, averaging at around 20-30% less range than the competition. However, it is also much cheaper than its counterparts.

The scooter motor also boasts an energy recovery system that most mid/higher tier electric scooters have. Whenever you release the throttle and brake, some of the kinetic energy will be restored back to the battery.

Battery Life & Charging

How long does it take to charge?

MegaWheels S5 features a more powerful 5.8 aH, 36V Lithium-ion battery as opposed to its older brother, the S1. However, the S5 takes the same 3 hours to charge 0-100%. For a 20km range, 3 hours charge time is not a bad deal. Fully charging while being in the office or college classes before you head back on the road is still efficient.

Battery protection & safety

Telling the same story as with S1, there is no information on battery protection and safety. MegaWheels definitely need to take this into consideration to improve battery safety, or provide easier to reach information if the safety measures are already integrated.

How long will the battery last for?

Lithium-ion batteries usually last 500-1000 charge and discharge cycles. This gives an average of 2-4 years of battery life, depending on how often you charge and use your electric scooter.

Going a bit off topic, we feel people need to understand that the more the battery is used, the more its performance drops over time. For example, a year old battery will perform at a lower standard than a brand new one. This includes an impact in terms of scooter speed, acceleration, and range compared with a brand new one, despite both being charged to 100%

Design and Ergonomics

MegaWheels S5 stands out with it’s clever design. As you can see from the pictures, the scooter platform is quite high from the ground and super thin. No more getting stuck on small curbs! This is because the battery is not in the platform, but in the main bar of the scooter. Yes, the bar is square and may not look as appealing as a round one, but we really love the new battery placement. This thin and sleek scooter looks really smooth and honestly, it’s hard to tell that it’s and electric scooter the first time you see it.

We really like the minimalist aesthetic of this scooter. Measuring just 111 x 42 x 120 cm (43.7 x 16.5 x 47.2 inches) unfolded and 111 x 42 x 43 cm (43.7 x 16.5 x 16.9 inches) folded. Furthermore, the folding mechanism is really easy to use. Simply unlock the front clamp on the bar and fold the handlebar to the rear fender where it locks in. It truly takes just a few seconds before the scooter is firmly locked and ready for transportation or storage.

Unlike S1, the MegaWheels S5 has only one color choice. The default, market favorite by other manufacturers in the industry is black with red accessories. It is the standard for most mid-high end scooters because it simply works, looking striking and sleek. Making it even more appealing on the S5, due to the thin looking aesthetic, thanks to battery placement.

This folding electric scooter does not include adjustable handlebar height. However, it does not need one, it’s a folding electric scooter for adults and not children. Located in the middle of the handlebar, you have a small LED screen that shows battery life and that’s pretty much it. We were hoping for proper LED screen information like speed, mileage and time/distance traveled. Maybe in the next model!

What material is it made from?

The scooter base is made from aircraft grade aluminum, making the scooter feel sturdy and durable. The handles are rubber for easy, ergonomic grip and the pneumatic air filled tires provide greater grip and shock absorption when going through uneven terrain. All of this adds up to around 12 kg (27 lbs) of weight. It is definitely heavier than the cheaper, lightweight S1, but very similar to other mid-high end electric scooters on the market.

Can it be used as a regular skateboard?

You will have no trouble using MegaWheels S5 as a regular scooter if your battery dies or you just want to go ‘old-school’.

Does it connect to your smartphone via app or Bluetooth?

As with S1, this model does not have any smartphone connectivity. We guess that MegaWheels are trying to provide a good quality and performance electric scooter for a very competitive price. This is achieved by not including things that aren’t crucial for riding experience.

MegaWheels S5 Review

Build quality and ease of use

Considering this is a cost effective mid-tier electric scooter, the quality does not disappoint at all! The design is beautiful and the build itself feels very solid when riding. As mentioned above, the folding mechanism is solid and keeps the scooter locked really tight. Since the S5 does not have any smartphone apps, it does not need any configuration. Simply push the power button and you are ready to go.

Megawheels S5 accessories & spares

Alongside their awesome eScooters, Megawheels also offer a variety of accessories and spares for the S5; alongside many of their other models. Browse electronic brakes, handlebars, throttles, wheels, tubing and more. These Megawheels S5 accessories are a great way to source reliable replacements from the original manufacturer. With these spares, you can easily repair or upgrade your ride with trustworthy components. Browse the full range of S5 spares & accessories on the Megawheels website.

Safety and usability on the road

MegaWheels S5 features a powerful front motor brake and rear disk brake that helps to stop extremely quickly, without wearing out a rear tire or the fender. Take care not to brake too hard too fast, however!  We really like the bike-like brake lever included on the handlebar replacing the contemporary push lever. At least for us,it seems you have a better grip and control of your scooter while braking.

In order to be seen on the road, especially during darker times of the day, S5 features front and rear LED lights. These light up when you brake to alert and prompt drivers and pedestrians. Furthermore, the sound bell is also a great way to caution pedestrians or other riders.

MegaWheels S5 is an urban electric scooter designed to ride on pavements and roads. The 8.5 inch, pneumatic air filled tires really help to absorb small bumps and inequalities on the road. Should you go offroad on hard earth or grass you’ll likely be fine. However, tackling really rocky surfaces or soft earth won’t be a pleasant ride and we don’t recommend it!

The S5 handles an average 20% gradient climb and handles small hills fairly easily, but fails to perform on large, longer hills. If your planned routes are very hill heavy, consider something more powerful like the Segway ES4. MegaWheels mention the inclusion of a drive wheel, suspension shock absorber system in place. After a few test rides, we couldn’t really tell if there was a suspension in place. However, the ride feels very comfortable, so we can’t complain.

Is the MegaWheels S5 waterproof?

No clear indication of waterproof rating mentioned by the manufacturer. The best advice we can give is to protect your S5 (and in general all electric scooters) from heavy sources of water, and not ride it in the rain.

Does it have cruise control?

No cruise control featured on MegaWheels S5, most likely to keep it cheaper than the competition.


The S5 boasts great maneuverability for use in urban settings. The 2 different speed modes allow for both faster travel and the ability to cover longer distances, alongside the slower speed mode allowing for comfortable maneuvers between traffic and pedestrians.

MegaWheels S5 Review

Restrictions and availability

MegaWheels S5 currently ship to all US states except Hawaii, Alaska, and their affiliated islands. In Europe, MegaWheels warehouses ship to Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and Denmark.

Be sure to do your due diligence and check country, state, city laws on electric scooters on the roads. The laws are different within every community and change very fast. As we always say, better safe than sorry!

Who should buy this scooter?

The S5 is best suited for urban commuters: This easy folding electric scooter is amazing for urban use, thanks to the easy folding mechanism. Further featuring good enough mileage for city use and a stylish colour scheme to turn heads on your way to or from work!

This scooter is also perfect for students. The S5 is a cost effective, mid tier electric scooter that has enough mileage to travel around university or college campus throughout your day. Easy to fold and transport between classes or public transportation. Not to forget the amazing modern design that will make your friends jealous!

Megawheels S5 discount coupons & promo codes 2020

Many money-minded readers are likely seeking some Megawheels S5 discount coupons & promo codes, and we aim to deliver. In this section, we cover a variety of active and expired Megawheels S5 promo codes throughout the year. Continue on for some of the hottest discount codes, alongside the hottest Megawheels S5 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals of 2020. If you think we’ve missed something or you’ve found a deal too good to be true, feel free to contact us!

MegaWheels S5 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Whilst this is a great electric scooter, many also wonder if there will be any MegaWheels S5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this 2020. During our search for previous Black Friday and Cyber Monday scooter deals, we were unfortunately unsuccessful. We feel that the likelihood for any MegaWheels S5 Black Friday deals this 2020 are low. However, we can’t promise anything. Perhaps MegaWheels will surprise us with some well timed MegaWheels S5 Black Friday deals this 2020. To be safe, keep an eye on this scooter! Alternatively, discover our list of possible Black Friday electric scooter deals this 2020!

MegaWheels S5 ReviewMEGAWHEELS S5 Electric Scooter, 13 Miles Long Range Battery, Up to 15.5 MPH, 8.5″ Pneumatic Tires, Portable and Folding Commuter Electric Scooter for Adults


  • 【Long Range Battery Life】A powerful 250W motor can propels the electric scooter to a max speed of 15.5 MPH, tackles steep 15% hills with ease. High capacity 7500 mAh with a maximum travel range of up to 15 miles under optimum conditions. Smart display shows current speed, battery life, speed modes. (Smart Battery Management System assures the battery safety and extends the battery life)
  • 【Portable Folding Design】 Made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, higher strength, lighter weight, weighs only 28 lbs, max load: 266 lbs / 120 KG. Can be one-step folded quickly in mere 3 seconds or released. Carry it on public transportation, store it in your car and any destination you desire effortlessly.
  • 【More Comfortable and Safer】With advanced 8.5″ shock-absorbing and anti-slip pneumatic tires to make your ride comfortable even on rough surfaces or speed bumps. Equipped with mechanical disc braking and foot friction rear brake on the rear wheel, electronic braking on the front wheel, double brake ensure braking system safer.
  • 【Intelligent and Humanized Design】Features 2 Speed Modes: white light (Energy Saving Mode) 6.25 MPH max speed; red light (Sport Mode) 15.5MPH max speed. 1W LED Headlight and red tail light make you can ride nightly like daytime. Mechanical bell allows you ride fast even on a crowed road.
  • 【Quality Assurance and Customer Service】One-year or 180-day for different parts, please refer to information in product details below. MEGAWHEELS has a professional technical support team to 7×24 standby for customer service, we also own a professional scooter repair shop in New York. Your satisfaction is our priority target!