Walnutt Spectra Pro Review

Walnutt Spectra Pro Review (2020)

Walnutt Spectra Pro Overview

It seems every week or two we see a new electric rideable company presenting a product, whether it be an e-bike, electric skateboard, or a hoverboard, that has some unique features that most of its competition does not have. Innovation and technological advancement is great and pushes the markets to always improve so, we were excited to take a look at, or put a foot on, Walnutt Spectra Pro.

Chinese company Walnutt has been creating and producing these very small electric skateboards since 2016 but already has 5 models to show for. All of their models are tiny shortboards that are aimed at urban environment commuters who need a light and portable travel vehicle.

Today we will look at exactly that, an innovative product full of technological features for urban commuters, that most of the electric travel market hasn’t tried implementing yet.

DimensionsSpeedRangeCharging timeWeightSmartphone appWaterproof ratingLightsMax Load
49 x 28 x 13.5 cm (19.4 x 11.1 x 5.3 inch)25 km/h (15.5 m/h)20 km (12.4 miles)1.5-2 hours 0-100%5.7 kg (12.7 lbs)Yes for iOS and AndroidNoFront and rear85 kg (187 lbs)

Controlling the Spectra Pro shortboard

Before diving into the specification about this e-board we feel it is important to talk about totally different controls you will need to learn if you want to ride this electric skateboard.

Walnutt Spectra Pro Review

The smart 3D Posture Control System in simple terms means that the board has sensors in the deck which feel the placement and pressure of your feet/body and then rides accordingly.

Our testers are not professional skateboarders but we have ridden a lot of regular and electric skateboards and this board required quite an effort to learn the new controls.

Basically, you need to lean forward to start accelerating and lean backward to start braking. If you want to stop very quickly you need to jump off the board. You can’t go back when just using foot pedaling.

Alternatively, you can use a smartphone app as a remote which made the controls much more familiar to us and actually allows to go backward, still, we weren’t too hyped to use our smartphone as a remote.

Speed, Power & Distance

The Walnutt Spectra Pro electric shortboard has dual hub motors in the wheels with 200 Watt power. It is not much compared to other electric skateboards but you need to keep in mind that it is a very tiny skateboard.

The hub motors also have regenerative braking inside to add a little bit power back to the battery when going downhill or braking.

How fast does it go?

This compact electric skateboard can go up to 25 km/h (15.5 m/h), which in theory is actually quite an alright speed for such a small skateboard for urban commuting. However, the acceleration, if not using the app as a remote, is very weak so you need to cover a bit of distance to get to top speed.

Does it have more than one speed setting?

Yes, Spectra Pro has 3 speed modes which are: Beginner, Sport, and Pro. The modes will change the sensitivity and the acceleration of your e-board. We are usually excited about multiple speed modes but since the Spectra Pro has too weak acceleration for our liking we honestly were not even bothered to change to slower speeds.

What age/weight is it suitable for?

This small electric vehicle can handle rider weight up to 85 kg (187 lbs). No age restrictions that we could find. Knowing that it does not have quick acceleration and innovative controls this small skateboard actually could be a good fit for younger teens and children to play around in private properties. As always make sure to keep underage children under supervision.

What is the range/distance?

With a full charge, max distance Spectra Pro can get is almost 20 km (12.4 miles). It is designed for city travel and might be a great fit if you need a portable vehicle for last mile commuting.

Can it be used off road?

Even tho the wheels on this skateboard are good and handle small rocks and a bit of gravel quite well it is not suitable to use off-road.

Battery Life & Charging

How long does it take to charge?

The Lithium-Ion battery will take you just 90 to 120 minutes 0-100%. Charge it while you are on your lunch break and you are good to go again!

The small Lithium-Ion battery is also airplane compliant since it is under 99wh power.

Battery protection & safety

Spectra Pro battery module as claimed on their website uses the same batteries as Tesla. The intelligent battery module is certified with highest industry safety standards (UN38.3 and UL2272)

How long will the battery last for?

Lithium-Ion batteries usually last for 500-1000 charge cycles before you start seeing a major drop in performance. How long the battery will last depends on how much you ride and charge the skateboard.

As an example, if you ride it every weekday for commuting and charge it twice a day you might use 700-1000 cycles a year meaning the battery should be good for at least a year, but if you go for occasional rides and will charge the battery 5 times a week it can last you 3-5 years.

Design and Ergonomics

The design is the strongest feature on this skateboard. Spectra Pro looks amazing! Its smooth and slick shape is very eye-catching and carbon fiber deck just adds to it.

It has very innovative technologies like speed and brake controlling with your feet and ABS Mag brakes which stop the skateboard very quick when you jump off it.

Walnutt Spectra Pro Review

This small shortboard also has front and tail LED lights that provide vision when it is getting dark, or if you just want to look fancy!

Not only that Spectra Pro is technologically advanced but it also is very small and portable. Its dimensions are 49 x 28 x 13.5 cm (19.4 x 11.1 x 5.3 inch) and weighs just 5.7 kg (12.7 lbs). On one hand, it is a huge advantage for people who need a small and easy to store vehicle for city commutes, on the other hand, it is not fit for bigger people, not only because of the weight limit but also because of the deck size. Riding this small skateboard for people with bigger feet will be complicated and uncomfortable.

If you are up to a challenge to learn a different electric skateboarding style and a fan of new technologies Spectra Pro is great for the last mile urban commuting.

What material is it made from?

Spectra Pro deck is made from Carbon Fiber material that makes the board really light and gives that sexy look at the same time.


No remote! That was another surprise we got when we opened this skateboard. As you already know the board is controlled with food sensors in the deck.

Alternatively, you can use your smartphone with their app as a remote. What is interesting is that with the app you will be able to go backward, while with foot pedaling you cannot.

We do miss the remote since we are used to remotes on electric skateboards, but after getting used to new skateboard controlling style the option to have both free hands might be a really big advantage.

Does it connect to your smartphone via app or Bluetooth?

Yes, the shortboard has eBoard Go application for both iOS and Android devices. The application will allow you to use your smartphone as a remote to control the board.

Additionally, it allows to change speed modes, check battery state, and create and record your journeys.

Walnutt Spectra Pro Review

Build quality and ease of use

The build quality is actually pretty good and we don’t have anything bad to say about it. Carbon fiber decks always feel stern and so does this one. The wheels and trucks do not seem to have any unnecessary sounds or wobbles.

We did get a few scratches on the carbon fiber while learning to control Spectra Pro. They don’t look too good on the board, but that is probably the cost of learning a new way of riding.

As we have already mentioned in the beginning it is not easy to use, especially at the start. Even people who have been skating for years had trouble learning to control this electric skateboard. You will need to be patient and put some effort into learning the mechanics.

Safety and usability on the road

The foot braking is totally new to us and a little concerning. It is nothing like a regular or electric skateboard. The main concern is that you need to think in advance when you will need to stop and use your body to do it by leaning backward and, honestly for us, the braking is too slow and awkward, which resulted in jumping off the board most of the time.

When you jump off the board it should immediately stop due to Magbrake system, but we have experience that when we jump off it shoots for 1-1.5 feet forward and then quickly stops. This might be dangerous in some situation where you jump off in front of traffic or pedestrians.

Make sure to practice a lot before heading on to the streets with heavy traffic so you would be able to stop when needed.

Are Spectra Pro skateboards waterproof?

There is no information on IP waterproof rating for Spectra Pro skateboard. We do believe that the carbon fiber deck and quality build should protect the electronics and the battery pretty well, however, we advise to keep it from water sources.


Having such a small shortboard it would be logical to maneuver and control it easily, but unless you use the smartphone as a remote or get really good at using the pedal control you might have a hard time maneuvering this skateboard. Practice makes perfect!

Restrictions and availability

Walnutt Spectra Pro is available to most of the world as it is light and easy to deliver. More detailed list of countries here.

As with all electric transport vehicles make sure you are up-to-date with current local laws if you decide to ride on public roads and pavements. The laws are different in every country and they change very often. You are responsible to know your local laws.

Walnutt Spectra Pro Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals 2020

Many savings conscious skaters will likely be hoping for some savings this year with some Walnutt Spectra Pro Black Friday deals this 2020. With a history of enticing skaters with Black Friday deals in 2018 & 2019, we believe it to be very likely for Walnut Tech to follow this up in 2020. Furthermore, there is also evidence of Black Friday activity on their own website. However, we still wonder whether there will be any Walnutt Spectra Pro Cyber Monday deals. After a year on the market, and a mentioned history of offering Black Friday discounts, we believe this to be more than likely. Discover sensational savings with our list of possible Black Friday electric skateboard deals this 2020!

Walnutt Spectra Pro ReviewWALNUTT SPECTRA Pro Electric Skateboard with 3D Posture Control Dual Hub Motors Boosted Board Carbon Fiber Deck Smart MagBreak Bluetooth Connectivity Top Speed 15.5 mph Range 12.4 miles Reddot Awarded


  • ⚡🏷️ Get one FREE BACKPACK per each SPECTRA skateboard order, check out the “Special offers and product promotions” and click “Add Both to Cart”!
  • ⚡【HANDS-FREE 3D POSTURE CONTROL】With Built-in AI System, Spectra comes with pressure sensors and intelligent algorithm which analyzes how you ride and adjust accordingly, allowing you to control Spectra hands-free by shifting your weight.
  • ⚡【DUAL REGENERATIVE HUB MOTORS】Spectra boards use the hub motor wheels to brake and regenerate energy. It is amazingly smooth and quiet during rides and adaptable to various road conditions. Take it to go where you’ve never been before with a range up to 12.4 miles, max speed of 15 mph and 15° maximum slope climbing.
  • ⚡【FAST ABS MAGBRAKE】Features specialized MagBrake shortens the braking distance by up to 47%. Once you step off the board, the Spectra Pro stops almost immediately after. The eco-friendly Spectra Pro also uses regenerative braking to recharge your board as you ride.
  • ⚡【APP COMPATIBILITY】eBoard Go App allows you to use your phone as a remote via Bluetooth, to check battery status,upgrade firmware and share riding paths and photos. 3 riding modes makes it safe and easy to ride for beginners, and also powerful enough for skilled skateboarders.