Hoverzon Hoverboard Review. S & XLS Comparison

Hoverzon Hoverboard Review. S & XLS Comparison

Hoverzon Hoverboard S /  XLS Comparison

Take a look at the table below to compare the Hoverzon S and XLS, and continue reading for our in depth Hoverzon Hoverboards review

FeaturesHoverzon SHoverzon XLS
Tires/WheelsAluminum wheels with hard rubber tires Aluminum wheels with hard rubber tires
Max Speed8mph / 13km8mph / 13km
Max range12 miles / 19km12 miles / 19km
Max Weight220lbs / 100kgs220lbs / 100kgs
Battery Recharging Time2 - 3 hours2 - 3 hours
Bluetooth speakersNoYes
Waterproof ratingNo waterproof ratingNo waterproof rating
Weight22lbs / 10kgs22lbs / 10kgs
Carrying strapNoYes
Movement IndicatorNoYes
Battery IndicatorYes, standardYes, with LED lights

Hoverzon Hoverboards Overview

Hoverzon currently features two hoverboards, the Hoverzon S and the Hoverzon XLS. In this Hoverzon Hoverboard review we are going to break down the Hoverzon S for you then compare the extra features that the Hoverzon XLS comes with. They are very similar hoverboards but with the Hoverzon XLS has a few upgrades comparatively which we’ll get to later in the review.

Meet the Hoverzon S – Quoted as Simple & Solid. Whether you’re completely new to hoverboards or an experienced rider, the Hoverzon S is suitable for most ages and experience levels. It doesn’t have all the added functions or wild features of some rivalry hoverboards like Halo Rover or Halo Go 2 for example, but that’s why they quote it as simple & solid. It has all the basic needs and follows the safety code under UL2272 – Being a safety must with hoverboards. I wouldn’t think twice about grabbing a board not certified under this. With different modes and different colors, we think this board can surpass most people’s standards.

Speed and power & Distance

How fast does it go? What is the range/distance?

This unit has two modes: Beginner and pro. Beginner mode is perfect for hoverboard newbies or anyone wanting a steady laid back cruise at a slower pace. The regular mode allows you to cruise upwards of 8 mph or 13km p/h dependent of your terrain and incline as you can ride up to a 30 degree angle. The single 250-watt motor allows this sleek unit to ride for on average 12 miles or 19 km before needing a battery recharge.

What age/weight is it suitable for?

It’s stated on Hoverzon’s website that you need a minimum weight of 44lbs or 20kg so the board runs properly. There is a maximum load of 220lbs or 100kg. So the minimum age is at your discretion (the beginner mode is awesome for kids).

Can it be used offroad?

Unfortunately, we aren’t going to propose it’s a great idea to take the Hoverzon for off-roading fun. The tire design and durability have been intended for use solely on smooth surfaces such as inside or sidewalks and pavement. You probably wont make it to far without damage if faced with any rough objects as well it doesn’t have any waterproof or water resistant rating. If you want a off roading hoverboard check out Halo Rover or Segway miniPRO.

Battery life

How long does it take to charge? How long will the battery last for?

Allow the Hoverzon to have 2-3 hours of charge time for a full battery and expect to be able to coast on your board up to 12 miles or 19km (taking your incline and weight into consideration).
LED battery level indicator means always knowing how much power is left in your hoverboard.

Battery protection & safety

Hoverzon S is certified under UL2271/ UL2272 meaning it underwent (and passed) over a hundred industry-standard safety and electrical tests. This is personally a must for any board you’re thinking about purchasing. However, Extra safety precautions and measurements as a common factor of hoverboards in general before has been lighting on fire or blowing up was almost always due to battery complications. So, taking that into consideration, the exterior casing of this hoverboard is fireproof.
Hoverzon took it one step further in their movement for safety with the Aegis Armor Battery Protection. This is a multi-layer design that covers the battery. In the rare occurrence that a battery does malfunction, the Aegis Armor acts as a shield which protects the battery from damaging other components.

To further the safety measurements, Hoverzon took it one step farther in safety specifications by utilizing “Smart Battery Management.” The management system improves the battery’s performance, which prevents overheating and overcharging. These additional safety specifications are a big plus+ in our Hoverzon Hoverboard review. It’s good to see they’re above and beyond on battery safety.

SideNote: The Hoverzon S board needs 2-3 full hours to charge and does not require an overnight charge to run – in fact, charging hoverboards overnight is discouraged by most manufacturers as this is why many end up with damage).

Design and Ergonomics

Hoverzon’s hoverboards are stabilized through what they call the gear stabilization, which provides more responsive control. This is the key to self-balancing the device. As you cruise around on your Hoverzon hoverboard, the gear stabilization is the technology used to keep you level-steady on this board. The combination of stabilization and dual independent motors offers greater control and maneuverability.

What material is it made from?

The tires are made from hard rubber and have aluminum wheels. The aluminum wheels give the board a nice touch, and the mudguard shape is more appealing than other standard boards design.

Does it connect to your smartphone via app or Bluetooth?

Hoverzon S model does not provide an app. That being said, if that’s a feature you’d take pleasure in the sister product Hoverzon XLS has an app which is available on iOS and Android. The Hoverzon XLS also has a Bluetooth speaker to blast your tunes.

Does it have lights?

There are standard lights to indicate battery power, but no LED’s for cosmetic purposes.

Does it come in different colors?

If you want something flashy, you’re in luck. The Hoverzon S comes in white, gold, blue, pink or red. As you’ll immediately see, the aesthetics looks classy and resembles high-quality material. The aluminum wheels give the board a nice touch, and the mudguard shape is more appealing than some other standard boards design.

Hoverzon Hoverboard Review. S & XLS Comparison

Build quality and ease of use

Is it easy to ride?

As with all hoverboards, if it’s your first time then, of course, is going to be a learning curve when you first hop on. But given the different performance modes, you have quite the helping hand in learning and adapting quickly. The modes do show a definite difference from one to the other. The speed, handling and general overall experience becomes more dynamic as you gain experience and progress into the pro setting. Take into consideration the weight of the board as well, in the event you end up having to carry it with a dead battery. 22lbs isn’t super heavy but not super light either and unfortunately no carrying case/bag is provided with the Hoverzon S. The Hoverzon XLS does come with a carry strap, however.

Is the Hoverzon S waterproof?

It is not rated as waterproof but is apparently “slip proof” on wet roads after rain. We recommend steering clear of any wet weather conditions (excuse the pun).

Comparison between the Hoverzon S and Hoverzon XLS

Hoverzon XLS is around $XXX more expensive than Hoverzon type S. So is it worth paying the extra? It depends on what is really important for you. If you want a budget Hoverboard, the Hoverzon model S is probably the best option for you. But if you want the extra features, the bigger and more feature rich XLS version is probably the Hoverzon Hoverboard for you. The XLS comes with a carrying strap, 5 levels LED battery indicator vs ordinary battery indicator with the S, a movement indicator, built-in Bluetooth speaker, wider foot pads and an edgy and more eye-catching design.

Hoverzon Hoverboard Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Those seeking serious savings will be asking for some Hoverzon hoverboard Black Friday deals. We believe this will be more than likely, but with no evidence of going on sale last Black Friday, we cannot promise anything. However, with the rising competitive nature in the hoverboard industry, a Black Friday sale is also imperitive in gaining market share and influence. This should likely motivate Hoverzon into offering a few juicy Black Friday deals. Companies who don’t take advantage of Black Friday and the sales it brings will inevitably be left on the sidelines. Whilst this board is still an amazing deal, we recommend holding off and waiting for any Hoverzon hoverboard Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. Keep yourself updated and check back later! Alternatively, discover our list of possible Black Friday hoverboard deals this 2020.