Alpine Riding: Year-Round Scooting For Enthusiasts

Alpine Riding is a company based out of British Columbia, Canada. The company’s founder and CEO, Audric Lacour, wanted something that could handle both the winters and summer trails of Whistler, a small town north of Vancouver and home to some of the most gorgeous landscapes ever. We had the privilege of meeting him at a outdoor adventure show in Calgary, Alberta.

Bringing 18 years of expertise along with the engineering ingenuity of a former Apple engineer, they came up with a cross-over between an e-bike and e-scooter that is designed to tear up dirt trails, snow, and anything else that you can throw at it.

The result? The A-Ride, a versatile machine that doubles as both a commuter and a weekend warrior.

Man riding A-Ride scooter in the snow

The A-Ride comes in two configurations, a 500w or 1000w geared hub motor along with dual suspension, a 1000Wh battery, fat tires, and an aluminum frame. It has a max speed of 35mph (unlocked) and up to 50mi of range.

At first glance, you’re not sure whether it’s an ebike, but the lack of pedals gives it away. A selection of accessories are also available such as kid handlebars, rear rack, and a surfboard rack, allowing riders of all ages to enjoy this two-wheeled experience. A large deck and plenty of power mean that adult riders can ride it with a small child.

“You have a low centre of gravity on an A-RIDE. This gives you more balance and stability. It’s made for everyone,” says Lacour. “After two years of testing in all weather and conditions in Whistler, we have landed on a robust design that makes for a safe, fast, adrenaline-packed and controlled ride over anything else on the market — the ultimate joy ride AND versatile year round commuter!It’s another way to ride.”

A-Ride with surf board rack attached

Starting out as an Indiegogo crowdfunded project, A-Ride continues to push the boundaries of PEV innovation. Two colour options (Black and White) can be purchased on their website for $4718 USD / $5775 CAD.

Their challenge: they dare you to not smile while riding it.

Man and woman riding A-Ride scooter

For more information, check out their website and social media:

Website: Alpine Riding